Copenhagen Classico: Vintage Bicycle Race For Ladies & Gents

When was the last time you put your your finest tweed suit, jumped on a penny-farthing and rode with 300 people across Copenhagen? For me it was last weekend, but perhaps it’s not something you do too often. How sad for you.

Luckily, your dreary life is about to see a few rays of sunshine. The Copenhagen Classico is a 25 km cycle tour across the city. It’s not about finishing first; this isn’t really a race and you probably don’t need to train for it. It’s more of a, “wake up at 10, have a cup of tea and some toast with marmalade, tuck a pocket square into your blazer and amble to the starting line,” kind of thing. Which is really more my speed.

The idea behind the ride is pretty simple: get dressed up in old-timey clothes (Jazz-age glam old-timey not, like, Queen Elizabeth-on-the-throne old-timey, although that would be awesome) and ride vintage bikes around with a bunch of similarly-dressed people. It’s about celebrating bicycles and having a good time.

Beginning at 11 am on June 22nd, you can see for yourself. The start/finish line is at Onkel Dannys Plads in Vesterbro and snakes through Frederiksberg, Centrum, Nørrebro, Østerbro, Christianshavn, Amager then back to Vestebro. Along the way, participants stop for a cup of coffee, a glass of champagne and lunch. If Downton Abbey was a bicycle race, this is what it would look like.

The cost of a ticket is 350 DKK, which includes both drink stops but not lunch (because your butler should be bringing that, dahling).

Whether you’re taking part or just want to watch the spectacle, the Copenhagen Classico is the perfect Sunday event: low-stress physical activity, sparkling alcohol and a healthy dose of whimsy.

Read more about Copenhagen Classico here.

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Copenahgen Classico Route - Vintage Bike Race - Scandinavia Standard


Though you can watch from anywhere along the route, head to the start/finish line in Vesterbro to properly send off/welcome back these fine-feathered friends. We recommend bringing your own champagne (note: recommendation is not directly related to this event as we recommend bringing champagne everywhere).

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

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