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On 8 August 2013, Scandinavia Standard was invited to Nimb Hotel to see an exclusive Jewelry runway show as part of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Though the two collections are aesthetically very different, both designers expressed inspiration in historically Scandinavian design principles: simplicity, functionality and high quality.

We sat down with designers Charlotte Mielko and Charlotte Christine Larsen after the show to get their thoughts on Scandinavian jewelry design.

FaconFacon by Charlotte Christina Larsen

FaconFacon SS14 is Larsen’s first collection but her assured hand belies her status as a new designer. With names like Armour and Skyline, the collection evokes the image of the strong urban woman. The pieces, all rhodinated silver, make their presence known while retaining a delicateness that is often lost on this season’s trend of statement jewelry.

The Armour pieces are my personal favorite. With simple, fluid lines that mimic the the body- wrist, ear, or neck- the silver curves are just the right thickness to attract the eye but just slender enough to enhance rather than overpower. The understated color adds to this shadow effect.

Currently look to break into international markets as well as sell in Danish shops around the country, FaconFacon is poised to be the next mid-range high quality jewelry for the young and fashion-forward.

Facon Facon Website Shot

See more and shop the collection here.


Charlotte Mielko

Charlotte Mielko, in contrast to Larsen, has been in the business for over a decade as a stylist, designer and fashion & lifestyle journalist. Her pieces, also simple, are visually arresting. They manage to be, however, surprisingly light both to the touch and on the wearer.

The Saturn ring, which comes in a range of metals including silver, yellow gold and rose gold, is a stunning mix of the feminine and masculine- a unisex piece with iconic potential.

130713_CHARLOTTE_MIELKO_030_130 1_FLAT

Though she wasn’t showing pieces on the runway, Mielko was kind enough to sit down with us and chat about her line. We asked her what makes her style typically Scandinavian. “When I think of Scandinavian design, I think of quality,” she explained “I also think of simplicity; letting the material speak for itself. I think, in particular, my Saturn ring does this.”

Scandinavia Standard agrees. The mixed-metal Saturn ring (silver and yellow gold) was my particular favorite; a versatile piece that goes with anything and can look both dressed-down cool and glam. Drool infinity.

See more and shop the collection here.



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