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Although the Copenhagen public transport is reliable, safe and clean, the zoning system is a bit confusing. I’ve met Danes that admit to not understanding it themselves. Let us explain the system to you once and for all!

Here’s a full rundown of all the information and maps you need to understand zones in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen zones map

The easiest way to discover how many zones you need is to go to Journey Planner and put in your address. Select “See more” on one of the journeys, then click “See price for this journey”. You will then be able to see exactly how many zones your journey encompasses and a comparison of prices with the different ticketing methods.



How many zones to and from Copenhagen airport?

It’s 3 zones to and from Copenhagen airport and the city centre. The zones are divided by the white lines. Although it seems crazy that it’s 3 zones because you’re travelling from “zone 4” to “zone 3” to “zone 1”, you’re actually travelling in 3 zones overall.


The technical stuff

Copenhagen is divide into zones 1 to 9.  Don’t get confused by all the 97 different zone numbers; they are needed in order to calculate fares for monthly passes. You only need to focus on the nine coloured zone rings because they are the ones that determine your fare.

You will find these maps at bus stops and stations, or here, this zone finder tool where you enter your current location to see how many zones you are away from your destination.

On this site, you need to enter your current location where is says “Se zonekort for Hovedstadsområdet, then click the button “Vis Zonekort” meaning “see the Zone Map”. There it will show you the coloured zones beyond your own.  Unfortunately there is no legend on this page to indicate how many zones per each colour, so have a look at the following legend below with prices.

Even if your mode of transport doesn’t take the most direct route, you pay for the least number of zones on the map.  In the following map, this journey travels through 7 zones.  You only pay for 3 zones, however, because that is the least number of zones from your location.

Copenhagen transport understanding zones least zones travel through airport Scandinavia Standard

The tricky thing is you are expected to know that it’s three zones because it’s yellow!

Some stations are located right on the border between zones. Although this is visually more confusing, it’s been done so that these stations can be in either zone, making it even cheaper to travel there. Aw, Copenhagen, you shouldn’t have! Adorable.



Ticket Prices for Zones

Scandinavia Standard has updated the latest travel price list and provided you with an easy to read English version that includes Rejsekort prices. This is valid from the 18th January 2016.

Prices for Tickets - Journeys on Metro, Bus and Train Copenhagen 2015

1) Valid in all zones
2) Valid in zones 1, 2, 3 and 4
3) Prices for ‘Rejsekort Personal’ in the Copenhagen area

If you’re wondering why your Rejsekort journeys are sometimes cheaper than this, keep in mind that there is a 20% discount during off-peak periods, which includes weekdays 6pm to 6am, between 11am and 1pm, and weekends. There are more details on Rejsekort pricing in English here.



How long can you spend in a zone?

After using your Rejsekort or buying a ticket, your have a certain number of minutes that you can go any direction in a zone:

Number of Zones

Period Valid for

2 zones1 hour and 15 minutes
3 zones1 hour and 30 minutes
4 zones1 hour and 45 minutes
5 zones2 hours
6 zones2 hours and 15 minutes
7 zones2 hours and 30 minutes
8 zones2 hours and 45 minutes

There! Was that so bad? It was just like ripping off a band-aid. A wordy, map-heavy band-aid.



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