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Dye Your Hair Purple & Live Forever

Ever thought about dying your hair something outside of the usual black-brown-blonde-red spectrum? Maybe you want to, but you just never got around to having your “rebellious” phase as a teenager and now you work in an office where you need to cover up your tattoo sleeve?

Maria Nila Stockholm is making it possible for you to have it both ways with her new wash-in hair colors. Simply wash your hair, put in the color as a masque and leave on for 3 -10 minutes, depending on the desired depth of color. Wash out and…look at you! You’ve got the pink/blue/purple/whatever hair of your dreams!

As a very dark brunette who has never dyed her hair, I wanted to find out how this color would work on both my hair (I doubted it would) and on Creative Director Freya’s blonde hair.

Here’s how it went:

List Marker: Number 1Washing

For my hair, I used the Maria Nila True Soft line, which is infused with aragon oil. I have straight-isn, thick hair in which the strands are thin but I have a lot of them. This washing line makes my hair extremely soft without being too un-workable. You know when your hair gets so soft it just runs out of your ponytail-holder, or flops in your eye? This shampoo, masque and conditioner set actually allows for some texture to stay in the hair, which is important for me. I usually keep 2-3 days between shampoos and the Maria Nila True Soft Aragon Oil is a great addition during those in-between days when I want to give the ends a little love or slick back a bun.

Rebecca Before

Freya used the Sheer Silver line, which is made for blondes who have dyed or highlighted their hair. It keeps brassiness out while making sure not to strip the hair. If you’re a blonde, this is a great base for pre-hair dye.

Freya Before


List Marker: Number 2Color

Then we applied the Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Vivid Violet. The dye comes in a pump bottle, making it easy to use, and don’t worry if you get it on clothes, towels or your sink: the color washes out very easily – this isn’t your usual out-of-the-box color that will stain forever. Latex gloves aren’t a bad idea, though, as you’ll be getting a lot of color on your hairs to apply.

The color out of the bottle is a deeply vibrant purple. Freya mixed hers with their White dye, which changes the color from deep purple to pastel.

Rebecca Dying Hair

We both applied by using our fingers to run it through the hair, then let it sit for approximately 10 minutes. I may have kept mine on a bit longer because I was so sure that no color was going to get through.

The dye rinses out of the hair very easily. Because the dye functions like a masque, don’t be afraid of leaving a tiny bit in – it’s a conditioner and won’t hurt your hair or scalp. We then blow-dried and brushed our hair. How did the purple come out?


List Marker: Number 3Results

Pretty great! I was right in my assumption that I wouldn’t get much color, but I did get some! When I flick my hair in certain light, the purple really shines through. It’s more like a henna wash than a dye.


Freya’s came out great – not too strong, just a wash of great color.

Freya Purple Hair After

Maria Nila Stockholm also has a variety of “natural” colors like brown and blonde, so if you’re looking to simply refresh your color or add a strong sheen, check those out.

Throughout the day we both commented on how healthy and strong our hair felt; the color really does work like a masque and leaves your hair better than before you dyed it. If one of the reasons you’ve never dyed your hair is the fear that it will become dry and unhealthy, Maria Nila is a great alternative. All products are 100% vegan and cruelty free, plus they smell excellent.

And if we get tired of being purple? It washes out in 10 shampoos!

Find out more about Maria Nila Stockholm.

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Before and After

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