Expat Clubs in Denmark: to Join or Not to Join?

If you move frequently, you’ll probably have had some kind of invitation or access to an international expat club. Sometimes they’re simply focused around being an expat, other times they have a specific focus such as a sport. Whatever their ostensible reason for gathering, those populating the club will all be expats looking to meet other expats.

There are pros and cons to this set up. Expat clubs can be a great way to meet friends, to network both socially and for jobs, and to find out more about the city you’ve moved to. You’re sure to get lots of advice on your new hometown. You’ll probably feel a bit more at ease having met people who have been through (and survived!) the same process you’re currently going through. Solidarity can be a powerful thing.

The cons are perhaps equally obvious. Being part of an expat club can be isolating. It’s hard to meet local people when you don’t speak the same language, don’t have a structured meeting place like a work-environment or similar, and are feeling a bit vulnerable. The more you only reach out to expats and expat organizations, the more you’re likely to only meet other expats. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, if that is what you actively want. But if what you want is local friends as well as expat friends, then you’ll need to put yourself in some situations where you are forced to meet locals.

Because we know that the experience of moving to a new country is deeply individual, we would never write-off expat groups all together. If you want to explore more, or already know that this path is for you, get on it!

Here are just a few expat clubs all over the city:

The International Womens Club

[email protected]
To apply, download the form from their website and send by mail to the address above. This women’s organization engages in social as well as philanthropic activites, and is made up of ex-pat women now living in Denmark.


The American Womens Club

[email protected]
Despite its name, this organization welcomes women and men, and both Americans and non-Americans! The focus is on social networking and “promoting understanding between Denmark and the USA.” To join, fill out their online application, which can be found on the website.


Ladies International Network

This social network of over 300 women living in Denmark meets regularly for events such as salsa dancing, jewelry making, and any number of other fun, creative activities. They also have groups for young mothers with toddlers, a bridge club, and a book club. To join you must first fill out the membership form on the website, then send in your 300DKK fee (for the year).


Meet Up

This website asks you to enter your city, and then lists a number of social gatherings that are taking place in the area, as well as how many people are attending. It’s a great way to meet new people doing the activities you enjoy



Create a free profile with this non-profit online organisation and sign up for social groups that meet in Copenhagen. You will find everything from quiz nights at local pubs to music groups. Although the purpose of the site is to help travellers connect with local people who have a spare couch/bed, it is also a great way to meet local and ex-pat people in a new city. You can create your profile so that you show others you are not open to having travellers stay with you- so don’t worry about unwanted inquiries!


Expert Tip

The Local Denmark is an online news source written in English covering the latest Danish events; it’s a great way to keep up with what is happening in the country. It also has a job listings section!

Do you have an “expat” club or other kind of meeting you’d like to have featured on the site? E-mail us: [email protected].

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.