Gender Neutral Basics & Audio Visual Art from To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern is a creative brand producing audiovisual work, clothing and more, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their gender-neutral, monochrome basics are easy to wear and ethically produced. They also produce items ranging from albums to birdhouses.

We spoke with co-Visual Director, Cinematographer and Photographer John Strandh about the ideas and craftsmanship behind their work.

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Tell us about starting To Whom It May Concern

JS: To Whom It May Concern was founded by artist and creator Jonna Lee in Stockholm in 2010. In the beginning it was solely an online tool for her audiovisual project iamamiwhoami. TWIMC became a way to work outside the norm of a traditional record label by connecting and merging different art fields. 

We now have the foundation of a label, but rather than the traditional record label we host creators from different art fields such as musicians, photographers, illustrators and directors. Our main focus is audiovisuals. It’s a lot of fun and it also enables us to do all creative parts of audiovisuals in-house, music, film, edit grade, mixing, mastering, artwork. TWIMC now produces, manufactures and ship our releases with our base in Stockholm.


What are the guiding principles of the brand?

JS: Our principles are creativity without creative boundaries. To communicate and create quality work based on equality, sustainably and to protect our environment to the extent we can. The day we stop creating for the sake of it, there will be no more TWIMC.

To Whom It May Concern Basic Clothes Fashion Collage | Scandinavia Standard


Where is To Whom It May Concern most popular?

JS: We have sprung up from the online world so our followers are spread out worldwide. We have most followers in North and South America, Scandinavia, UK, Europe and Australia. 


Do you think TWIMC fits within the Scandinavian aesthetic?

JS: Yes I think so. Our aesthetic is minimalist. It comes from the Swedish less-is-more mindset.



Explain the production process for your clothes & products – where are the materials sourced, where are the produced, where are they sold? Do you sell mostly online or in stores? Do you have your own storefront in any city?

JS: We create in Scandinavia and base our production of items in Stockholm. We aim to produce as much as possible in Sweden to minimise export and transport. There are some parts of the production process that are challenging in Sweden, such as manufacturing of textiles and, of course, shipping our items from Sweden to customers worldwide.

All our textiles are manufactured by the Danish company Neutral along with Continental Clothing Co that both work with sustainable manufacturing. Their textiles are made under ethical working conditions. All our items are marked fairwear and are sold exclusively in the TWIMC online shop at the moment.


In a few words, explain the TWIMC look and whether it changes over the seasons

JS: The TWIMC look is unisex, functional and simple. The base doesn’t change but it is seasonally adaptable. 

To Whom It May Concern Scandinavia Standard


Can you talk a bit about the name and branding for TWIMC?

JS: Our name and our work is aimed any anyone to whom it may concern. The name reflects our outlook on consumption, how people consume, but also on identity and gender equality. We want to show this in our projects, like “necessities” for example, our sustainable unisex clothing line. All items are minimalist, functional and are to be used by everyone. 


What are your future goals for the brand?

JS: Our goal is to continue creating freely and release only high-quality audio, visuals, clothing and whatever else project we feel like in the moment. There are many ideas and a constant flow of work at TWIMC headquarters. A larger goal is that we always strive for is to become circular in our production; to give back as much as we take, both to the environment and our followers.

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