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There’s nothing better than a weekend away with your friend or partner. Except for a weekend away when you don’t have to do any planning. I mean, nothing. Food? Three meals a day prepared by the best local chefs. Drinks? Flowing freely. Itinerary? Scheduled for you, based on the most interesting cultural activities available in the destination. Are you seriously not sold on this yet?

G&T Weekends was launched by Gillian Scatliff and Tess Stokes, two friends living in London (Gillian is from Canada – where she lives once again – and Tess is from Australia).

After meticulously planning an English countryside weekend party for a large group of friends in 2014 (the most Julian Fellowes-esque sentence I’ve ever written), they realised it was a service in which others were eager to partake.

Since then, they’ve been planning weekends – and a few longer trips – around the world. The trips focus on two things: luxury and culture. Travellers are housed in villas, mansions or other oppulent surroundings. Local chefs are employed to provide gourmet meals. Revelry is encouraged in the evenings with cocktails or fine wines. Bring your lover, your best friend, or go alone; everyone is welcome!


During the day, the real luxury is having a full itinerary available to you, based on cultural activities in your location of choice. Whether it’s a hike through the beautiful natural surroundings, a cooking class or snorkelling, the events of the weekend are suited to the place, making this more than an average weekend getaway.


If you’ve been thinking about planning your next exciting holiday but just can’t get your act together (been there, friend), G&T Weekends is exactly what you need.

Weekends you can currently sign-up for are:


Get in while the going’s good! These tickets go fast.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.