How to Get into the City from Copenhagen Airport

You know that feeling when you arrive in a city and you’re just like, now what? That’s a shitty feeling. We don’t want you to feel that way. Instead of stopping at the end of the arrivals gate and looking around helplessly like a puppy who lost his owner, you can walk confidently to your transport of choice, and head straight from Copenhagen Airport to the city centre.

Here’s all the info you need on private and public transport to and from Copenhagen Airport:






Rental Car


First of all: Welcome to Copenhagen!

København Lufthavn, Kastrup, or Copenhagen Airport (CPH), is the international airport in Denmark and one of the oldest in Europe. The airport is on the island of Amager, south of the center, and is connected to Copenhagen by road, metro and rail. So going from Copenhagen airport to downtown Copenhagen city is pretty easy.

What is the Copenhagen airport code?


Exit copenhagen airport on Scandinavia Standard


Okay, I’m at the airport. Now what?

Public Transport: Cheapest. Fastest. Best.

Look, I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to public transportation. I love it. I LOVE IT. My advice is to use the Danish system while you’re here. When you buy a ticket, note that it’s all inclusive within the time you’re allocated, so a metro ticket also works on the bus and train.

I’ll break it down for you:

List Marker: Number 1Metro

The easiest thing is to take the metro from the airport to the city. It’s a 15 minute ride and is direct, relatively inexpensive and totally non-mess-upable (it’s a word). The most central stops in the city are Nørreport, Kongens Nytorv and Christianshavn.

To buy a ticket you simply go to the metro straight from the arrivals gate. Just walk straight out of arrivals and take the escalator upstairs, which is where the metro leaves. There will be metro signs to point you in the right direction. There are ticket machines just outside in which you can pick the ticket that suits you.


Copenhagen Metro Schedule From the Airport to Copenhagen City Centre




Mon – Fri (Rush Hours)7 am – 9 am
2 pm – 6 pm
Every 4 minutes
Mon – Sun9 am – 2 pm
6 pm – Midnight
Every 6 minutes
Sun – Thurs NightMidnight – 5 am
Every 20 minutes
Fri – Sat Night1 am – 7 am
Every 15 minutes




List Marker: Number 2Bus

There are a few bus options when leaving the airport, but to get into the center of the city you’ll take a public bus, the 5A, towards Huusm Torv. This leaves from right outside the main entrance of the airport and goes to Nørreport Station and Copenhagen Central Station. The buses run every 10-20 minutes, depending on the time of day, for 24 hours a day. The journey will take approximately 45 minutes.

There is also the option of a Greyhound bus if you are traveling on to Copenhagen, with other services traveling to Sweden or Aarhus.

See all bus routes here.



List Marker: Number 3Train

Overland trains can be taken to Copenhagen Central Station or Nørreport, both centrally located, or any other number of stops within the city limits.

Find more info on train routes and timetables here.

Zone information for public transport: the airport is located in its own zone, so however many zones you need for your trip, you need an extra zone to get out of the airport. If you’re traveling to anywhere in Copenhagen, you’ll need three zones.

Read more about it in our section on zoning here.




List Marker: Number 4Bike

There’s another option for more adventurous travellers: cycling to Copenahgen Airport! Thankfully the airports isn’t locate very far from the city, and if you don’t have much luggage, it’s an easy 30 minute ride. It’s also possible to park your bike at the airport for a short while.

Although there aren’t any permanent rental bikes options at the airport, we suggest the bike-sharing app Donkey Republic. There are usually a few bright orange bikes parked outside the airport. Also, you can use our code scandi10 and get 10% off.

Find out more in our guide to renting a bike in Copenahgen.


How to buy public transport tickets at Copenhagen Airport?

There are machines and a ticket station to buy ticket about 50 metres on your right as you walk out from arrivals. It’s very easy to see. Importantly, you can you use a credit card to buy a ticket for the train or metro from Copenhagen airport.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘DOT Mobilbilletter’ app. It costs 36 DKK (around 4,8 Euro) for an adult single trip ticket from the airport to the city centre. Tickets are valid in bus, train and metro. Two children under 12 years of age travel free with a paying adult.



How many zones is it from Copenhagen Airport to the city?

The Greater Copenhagen area is divided into zones. You need a 3 zone ticket to travel from the Copenahgen Airport to the city centre. There are trains, buses, and metros running between Copenhagen Airport and the city centre, all priced at 36 kr.

For more specific information, see our articles on How to Use Public Transport and How to Buy Tickets.


….But I am alone and have at ton of luggage / work is paying

Okay, fine. There are methods for getting around other than public transport:



Private Transport

List Marker: Number 5Taxi

A taxi rank is located outside the main entrance of the airport on the same level as arrivals. A taxi ride into the center of the city will take you roughly 25-30 minutes.

Cost of taxi from Copenhagen airport to city centre?

Depending on where you will be staying in Copenhagen, the cost will vary from 200-350 DKK for the ride. Pre-booking is not necessary but may speed up the process if you are in a hurry.

Can I take an Uber or Lyft from Copenhagen Airport?

Since 2017, it isn’t possible to use Uber or Lyft in Denmark, due to complaints and court cases. The closest thing would be to use the App that the Taxi companies offer, but it’s quite a bit more expensive.

Alternatively, there is Go More, which offers ride-sharing and leasing.



Tel: +45 70 25 25 25

One Limo, Copenhagen DK

Tel: +1- 281-829-9819 (worldwide reservation centre)
Email: [email protected]

Dansk Limousine Service

Tel: +45 70 26 51 51
E-mail: [email protected]



List Marker: Number 4Rent a Car

To hire a car in Copenhagen you need your driver’s license, passport, and a credit or debit card. It’s a good idea to book in advance but you may still be able to rent without pre-booking, especially at quieter times of the year such as Feb-April.

As a driver, please note you will be driving on the right.

Importantly, be wary of cyclists. While they often have their own lanes, sometimes they do not. It’s essential to be alert and keep your blind spot in mind, especially when turning right.

Car rental desks located at the airport are:


Terminal 1, 3
Tel: +45 32 50 66 66


Terminal 1, 3
Tel: +45 32 50 30 40


Terminal 1, 3
Tel: +45 32 51 20 99


Terminal 3
Tel: +45 32 52 39 00


Terminal 3
Tel: +45 32 46 80 30


Have a question about traveling from the airport that we haven’t covered? Leave it in the comment section or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Happy travels!

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