Tekla Fabrics Founder, Charlie Hedin: Crafting Dreams in Textiles

We’ve been hearing for years that the bed is a very important place. What’s that statistic again? You will spend approximately one third of your life sleeping. It’s usually mattress salespeople spouting that little nugget; well, what about the aesthetes? If you really do spend a third of your life sleeping (and as a new parent I can attest this is aspirational rather than factually true), then shouldn’t your bed both feel and look beautiful?

Charlie Hedin, founder of Tekla Fabrics thinks so.



Originally from Sweden, Charlie has lived in Los Angeles and is now settled in Copenhagen. With a background in fashion and art, Charlie has honed a sharp visual sense that he wants to share with a wider audience.

“I loved working fashion,” he says, “but it can be very exclusive. I don’t want to create something hip, I want to create something beautiful.”



“What’s great about bedding, and textiles in general, is that they’re so democratic. This is for everyone. My grandmother loves the pieces, my younger sister loves them. They’re accessible, and that’s what’s important to me with Tekla.”

Accessibility also means reasonable price points, and while Tekla isn’t cheap, it’s not outrageously-priced either. “Of course the quality of the fabric means that it has to be a little bit more expensive, but for what you’re getting, the price is really good,” Charlie explains.

And what you’re getting is a gorgeous array of colors and materials. Tekla makes bedding in percale cotton and linen, both of which age well, meaning your bedding will keep getting softer as you use and wash it. And isn’t that really the major concern for bedding; that wear and tear renders it unusable? Your bedding is going to take some hits, even if you sleep like a mummy in a sarcophagus, because you use it every day. With Tekla, a little investment goes a long way.



Although the practicalities are a strong selling-point, so are the colors and finishes of the pillow cases and duvet covers. Demure neutrals and strong jewel tones are available, but all within a particularly refined color palette. You won’t find distracting prints or cherry reds; the Tekla universe is all about calming hues and sophisticated pairings. You can buy the pillow cases and duvets in sets or separately, to create the sleeping space that’s right for you.

Charlie has done his homework, spending over three years researching textiles, sourcing and sleep. He’s tried every material he uses and knows how weather and seasonality also play into a sleep space.

“Linen is great for summer, of course, because it breathes well. Heavier fabrics like the cotton are better for winter. But the feel of every piece, as well as the look should be timeless.”



Once they’ve got you in bed, Tekla is planning to take over your whole house. “I want to look into other textile and fabric home goods such as robes, table cloths, towels, everything. But for now, let’s focus on the most important spot in your home: your cosy, warm, welcoming bed.

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This article was originally published in July, 2017.