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Scandinavian style – that clean, minimalist aesthetic – isn’t just for those of us living in the cold north anymore. Bloggers all over the world are showcasing their interpretations of this classic look, and we’re feeling inspired by the diversity and inventiveness of these looks.

Here are our favorite non-Scandi blogs that are crammed with Scandi style inspiration:

List Marker: Number 1Erica Choi – Egg Canvas (USA)

You may recognise the NYC-based Ms. Choi from her massively-popular Instagram (@eggcanvas); her blog reflects the same minimalist, monochrome and chic style. As the Digital Art Director at Barney’s, she’s well-versed in what’s trendy, but it’s her essential personal style that makes her so inspirational.

Image credit: Hoon Kim (also header image)


List Marker: Number 2Estée Lalonde – Estée Lalonde (UK)

Though she’s largely known for her beauty blogging, and particularly her YouTube channel, Estee’s blog covers interiors and fashion as well. She knows her Scandi brands and the woman knows how to wear a sneaker with the best of them. A wonderful mix of relatable and aspirational, we love how Lalonde styles everything from her face to her wardrobe to her rad apartment (hey Reggie!).



List Marker: Number 3Nikisha Brunson – Urban Bush Babes (USA)

Urban Bush Babes launched in 2012 and quickly became one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle blogs around. Focused on providing a platform for women to talk about about natural hair as well as all other aspects of style. Nikisha, one of the two founders, is insanely gorgeous and a great example of elegant yet minimalist dressing.

Urban Bush Babes


List Marker: Number 4Rocky Li – Third Looks (USA)

A rising menswear blog, Third Looks is all about what’s new and cool. Founder and Editor Rocky Li knows how to rock a minimalist style without giving up the quirky, fun details.



List Marker: Number 5Isabell Decker – Dressing Outside the Box (DE)

By way of explaining whether she’s running a plus-sized fashion blog, Decker says, “I am a big woman, yes, but primarily I am a woman.” Regardless of intention, she’s showcasing that fashion isn’t about your size. The true spotlight is definitely on her fantastic sense of style. Isabell’s love and knowledge of clothing (she’s a fashion designer herself) comes through in every post. Oh, and her make-up is impeccable.



List Marker: Number 6Diana Moss – Miss Moss (SA)

Graphic designer and blogger Diana Moss writes about lifestyle, interiors, art, fashion and travel. Her easy, clean and natural style emerges from everything she writes about.


List Marker: Number 7Brad Bennett – Well Spent (USA)

The dual functions of Well Spent are to find beautifully-made items that are also not insanely expensive. Coupled with a focus on mostly timeless pieces and dapper Editor Bennett, Well Spent has “Scandi” written all over it.

Väska Handbags | Scandinavia Standard | brad


List Marker: Number 8Zoe Suen – Zoe Suen (HK/UK)

This is not your average fashion blog. The images are a little grainy and strikingly candid, but you still get the impact of Zoe’s laid-back and clean style. Originally from Hong Kong, she’s currently studying in London.



List Marker: Number 9Ivania Carpio – Love Aesthetics (NL)

A true minimalist’s minimalist, Ivania beautifully-designed site is just as lovely as her content. There’s more than just fashion here – DIY, interior and travel are all included and curated to fit perfectly into her monochrome visual universe.



List Marker: Number 10Sonny Oram – Qwear (USA)

Sonny’s style is a perfect mix of clean & minimalist with a dash of prep. Qwear aims to share the styles of those – particularly trans people – who have typically been marginalised by the fashion industry. It has received worldwide exposure for providing this excellent platform and for consistently showcasing such on-point design.



List Marker: Number 11Lydia Okello – Style is Style (CA)

Though she doesn’t shy away from color or pattern, there’s something very Scandi-cool about Lydia’s ensembles. They’re just so perfectly put together. She’s not posting on the site often these days, but you can follow her on her Instagram.

Style is Style


List Marker: Number 12Carmen Hamilton – The Chronicles of Her (AUS)

One of the biggest fashion blogs out there, TCOH is a study in inspired-minimalism. Australia-based Hamilton is great at breaking down how to wear a style and at being honest about how minimalism isn’t as easy as it looks!



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Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.