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Glossier is Available in Denmark & Sweden

Until recently, Glossier was only available in North America and the UK, but now those in Denmark and Sweden can get in on the action. Your top shelf is about to look very chic.

Want skincare and makeup that feels like falling into clean sheets, or pulling on your favorite sweatshirt? That’s the kind of comfort and care Glossier is all about, and their range of beauty items has been flying off the shelves since it hit the scene in 2014.

Have a look through some of their best products (yes, we’ve tried them all) and choose a few for yourself.

Welcome to Scandinavia, Glossier! We think you’re going to like it here.

Glossier Skincare

Balm Dot Com

A dab here, a dab there. Balm Dot Com is the kind of product you have in your bag, your desk, your bathroom, your other bag (you know the one – the fancy one. No, not that fancy one; the other one!). It’s a salve that can be used to repair and protect lips and any other dry patches of skin, similar to a petroleum jelly. We particularly love it in winter: rub a small amount between your fingers to soften it, then apply to that pesky flaky area on your hands or chin.

It comes in a range of colors and flavors including the original plain, rose, cherry, birthday, mint, and coconut. Try one or get a whole pack.

Balm Dot Com, $12, DKK 90


Milky Jelly Cleanser

This cleanser has been a major hit and after using it, you’ll see why. The jelly texture makes it easy to apply. It’s gentle and softening, while also removing makeup and dirt. There’s a lovely light rose scent that lingers for just a bit after washing.

Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18, DKK 130


Soothing Face Mist

Who doesn’t love a good mist?! This rosewater spray has a light fragrance and is perfect for moments when you need a little refreshing, or as a toner between cleansing and your serum/moisturiser.

Soothing Face Mist, $15, DKK 120


Mask Duo

Get both the Mega Green Galaxy Pack and Moisturising Moon Mask for a full masking experience. The Galaxy Pack detoxifies. while the Moon mask gives you a major dose of moisture. You can use them together for a spa-at-home experience that will leave your skin both clean and soft, or one at a time depending on your skin needs. We found that using them together really increased the benefits.

Mask Duo, $40, DKK 320


Glossier Makeup

Boy Brow

One of Glossier’s hero products, Boy Brow is a pomade that can be brushed through eyebrows to hold their shape and give just a bit of color. The effect is natural-looking brows that stay in place all day.

Boy Brow, $16, DKK 120


Lash Slick Mascara

This is a mascara for every day: it won’t make your lashes look outrageous, but it will enhance them nicely. The formula coats lashes with tiny fibres to create an extension-like effect. It wears all day without flaking, but washes off easily with warm water.

Lash Slick Mascara, $14, DKK 120


Cloud Paint

It’s blush that looks like oil paint and goes on like watercolor. Cloud Paint comes in a variety of sunset colors and glides on cheeks – or anywhere you want – like a dream. Even if you’re not typically a blush-wearer, give this a try.

Cloud Paint, $18, DKK 140



Haloscope is highlighter that is both illuminating and hydrating. It’s easy to apply and the moisturising core means that it never dries out. We love the subtle glow it provides; it’s a highlight that’s low maintenance.

Haloscope, $22, DKK 160

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