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HelloFresh in Scandinavia: Here’s Why to Try It Now

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Have you tried HelloFresh yet? The US-founded company is now available across Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

HelloFresh is a flexible food kit delivery service that provides a variety of meal options.

The concept is simple: order a meal plan that works for you and your family. A weekly food box will be delivered straight to your door with food to cook as well as simple, step-by-step recipes. Cook the food as outlined and enjoy quick healthy meals!

This is a godsend for families with picky eaters (the boxes can be customized to both allergies and preferences), and those who like to cook but don’t necessarily have the time to shop and come up with weekly meal plans. The boxes are also great for those who want to cook as an activity, either as a couple or with kids (messy? Sure, but it’s fun!). The subscription can be paused or cancelled whenever you want.



HelloFresh is also surprisingly affordable: thanks to the specificity of the ingredients, recipes, and volumes, you’ll seldom waste food, making the price-per-box even more attractive.

But why would people in the Scandinavian countries use HelloFresh? The company considers the differences of each regional market carefully, making sure that the meal plans they offer are actually useful to those that they’re serving.

In Scandinavia, locally-sourced ingredients, particularly locally-sourced meat, are important. As a result, HelloFresh has focused on this sourcing. They’ve also make sure to a range of internationally-diverse cuisines, from traditional Danish to Japanese to Vietnamese to American.



HelloFresh meals are created by a team of recipe developers who work with both variations of traditional Scandinavian recipes as well as customer feedback. In fact, customer feedback is an essential component of how recipes are created and updated.

The company reads every single comment and email that they receive – this keeps them close to their customers and ahead of the curve in terms of food trends. If there’s an ingredient that their customers are excited about, or a seasonal weather pattern that is directing food choices, HelloFresh makes sure that’s incorporated into the meal plans.

The best part of HelloFresh is that they take the hard work out of multiple things that can be stressful: grocery shopping, meal prep, and cooking. Even if you don’t know what recipes to choose, they have you covered; just enter your preferences and they’ll choose your meal box for you! Once you’ve tried a variety of meals, you can pick the ones you like best, or try something new.

Two things are true: everyone is busy, and everyone needs to eat. HelloFresh can’t make you less busy, but they can definitely make sure you eat, and do it well.


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.