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Au pairs, nannies and babysitters: they’re an important part of having young children. Whether the primary carer(s) work full-time or just occasionally need a night off, childcare is something that most people use at some point. While some of us are lucky enough to have parents, siblings or friends who are willing to watch our children, others of us need to hire professionals.

I’ve worked as both a full-time and part-time nanny in Copenhagen and London; both were wonderful learning experiences where I connected with the children that were under my care. Although I didn’t work through an agency in either city, I’ve heard that going through an agency can make things much easier. You can also advertise privately; it’s really about your needs, budget and comfort-level.

Here’s a starter list of agencies, registries and websites to check out for professional childcare.


Au Pairs

Au pairs are a popular method of childcare in Copenhagen. If you choose to employ an au pair, make sure that you are up-to-date on the rules of employment, as the Danish Refugee Council is quite strict on these guidelines. They currently include: au pairs must have their own room in the household, au pairs can work 5 hours per day and must have 1 day off per week at least, and au pairs are entitled to a salary/stipend that is in line with the current minimum wage. For more information on the Au Pair Scheme in Denmark see Ny i Danmark.


Energy Au Pair

This local au pair agency offers their services at quite a low price, and will support you throughout the au pair process, not just in finding a match.


Au Pairs International

This Scandinavian agency will help place an au pair in your home and is an local office of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA).


Easy Au Pair

This online agency allows you to register for free as a family and then search potential candidates looking to work in Denmark


Nannies & Babysitters

In terms of babysitting, it is common for Danes to ask their friends (or for friends to offer) to be with the child/children while the parent or couple goes out for a night, especially amongst young couples. You will find that hiring a babysitter is not cheap (like everything else in Copenhagen). Typical rates are around 100 DKK/hr and go up depending on the number of children and the experience of the babysitter. Advertising in places such as universities may help you find the right person.


Nannies of Copenhagen

An agency that caters specifically to the English-speaking immigrant and expat communities, Nannies of Copenhagen can provide a babysitter for a night for those visiting the city or a part to full time nanny for those staying longer.


Nannys DK

This site lists nannies and babysitters. You can register or simply browse the adverts. It is in Danish, but some of the advertisements are in English. Since so many Danes speak English, you can also choose to reply to any advertisement in English


Ung i Huset

This site, which can be read in English (click the “English” link at the very bottom of the home page), has nanny and au pair candidates listed, as well as their personal profiles. You can also choose to “advertise” as a family and find the nanny who is right for you.
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Have you tried any of these sites? Is there a good agency we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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