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How To Do Danish Easter Lunch: Two Ways

Ah, Easter lunch. It’s a Danish food tradition that you don’t want to miss – trust me, the food is excellent. Some people prefer to cook in their home while others would rather just move the whole party down to a restaurant, so why not take a look at both meals and see where your inspiration lies (also, we are cruel temptresses)?

List Marker: Number 1Restaurant Kronborg

The super-traditional Kronborg is located in the center of the city, nestled amongst antique shops and cobbled streets. And while the recipes are, of course, truly Danish, they don’t feel outdated or heavy. This is an Easter meal with enough modernity to make it exciting and enough old-fashioned goodness to make it satisfying.

Restaurant Kronborg Collage - Danish Easter Lunch - Påskefrokost | Scandinavia Standard

We started by trying Restaurant Kronborg’s famous fried herring. It’s not officially part of the Easter platter but is oh-so delicious. The real Easter food started with a fish platter that included salmon, herring and breaded plaice, then moved on to the meat plate of roast-beef style lamb and flæskestege with crunchy rinds. All the while, we passed around baskets of thick rye bread spread with butter and drank down Nørrebro Bryghus beers and homemade snaps. True Danish Easter luxury.



List Marker: Number 2Make it at Home

The Danish Easter aesthetic is clean and full of bright spring whites, yellows & greens. Here are some ideas for decorating your table from our friends at the gorgeous website Flying House:

Collage - traveling-mama-greek-easter-bread-12-700x467

Need some recipe inspiration? Check these out. They’re all in Danish (sigh, the best ones always are…) but can easily be translated in google translate:


Savory Options


Sweet Options


Drinking Options

Collage of Rebecca and Freya at Kronborg | Scandinavia Standard


How do you enjoy Easter lunch? Let us know in the comments!

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