How to Make Cheap Business Cards in Denmark

Our business cards, if I do say so myself, are sweet. They are super sweet. I can say this without blushing because I didn’t actually design them; Scandinavia Standard’s own Creative Director, Freya McOmish, brought them to life with her own blood, sweat and tears. That’s why the look like that: they’re made out of blood! Just kidding, it’s only sweat. Just kidding again! You guys are so gullible.

But seriously, about the business cards. Freya spent a lot of time on these. Everything you see on this website is designed by her, by the way, so let her know if you like it! No one should spend that much time on fonts without getting a little love in return.

Ugh! You guys keep distracting me from talking about these business cards. Here we go:

List Marker: Number 1Go to

List Marker: Number 2You can use one of their free designs or customize your own, which is free to do. Freya did ours in Adobe Illustrator because she’s so profesh.

List Marker: Number 3Once you’ve got your design and are ready to check out, go to Search for codes and then enter your discount code when paying for your prints.

We ended up getting 750 cards- over 700 DKK worth from the original quote- for a mere 269 DKK. And look at us now! Passing out business cards left and right!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.