How to Manage Your Dental Care Remotely

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Dental care should be simple: the act of adding toothpaste to a brush and scrubbing your teeth twice daily is something we instill in children the moment a milk tooth bursts through. Yet between conflicting information (how bad exactly is fruit juice? Can I brush too hard? How often should I be flossing anyway?), dental phobias, and modern time constraints that can cause dental visits to be pushed to the bottom of to-do lists, dental care has become fiendishly tricky.

But dental care is vital. It can provide an overview of your general wellbeing, with poor dental health being found to be linked to heart disease. Aside from physical health, oral health can have a massive impact on your daily life and emotional wellbeing.

Cavities, sensitive teeth, and gum disease can all cause pain that is distracting and prevents rest. Diseased or stained teeth can seriously dampen a person’s confidence and even affect mental health. Constantly hiding your smile takes its toll on self-esteem.

The easiest way to stay on top of oral health and its ramifications is to have a great dental care routine and regular checkups with a dental professional. Generally speaking, we’re all sort of muddling through the first bit, but the number of people skipping regular checkups is still staggering. Many only visit when a problem has already developed, missing out on necessary preventative care.

This lack of action can be chalked up to any number of reasons: it can be difficult to make time for something that feels low priority; the financial strain associated with regular checkups; a fear of dentists exacerbated by the sterile environment of a dental clinic; the stress of accessing healthcare as a foreigner in a different country. No matter the reason, dental health is a crucial aspect of healthcare and the tools to manage it remotely are fast becoming a modern necessity. Which is what Adent Health has set out to achieve.

Adent Health allows you to understand your oral health remotely and take charge of your own dental care from the comfort of home.

The Adent app can connect with your dental clinic for remote consultations or let artificial intelligence (AI) monitored by dental professionals, provides assessments through the app.



Adent Health is the category creator of AI dental home scans. They offer the world’s first CE-marked home dental scan app for smartphones, to put world-class dental care into the hands of every person on Earth.

Alongside closely monitoring your dental health remotely, the app is an engaging platform that really motivates you to invest in your dental health. It has useful dental wellness routines built in, so you can keep track of your process and learn more about how best to care for your teeth.

With a system of tasks to check off and reward points, the app gamifies the process of oral hygiene, combining the act of taking care of yourself with a feeling of accomplishment that can give you the pep start you need when groggily brushing your teeth first thing. Lord knows nothing beats ticking off a to-do list.


How to get an AI dental assessment

List Marker: Number 1To get set up, you simply pick a dental theme – like checking for cavities or gum health – let Adent Health know if anything in particular is bothering you, then answer a few questions.


List Marker: Number 2The app then instructs you to take a few photos of your mouth – these will form the basis of Adent Health’s AI assessment, which will be sent to you within 36 hours.


List Marker: Number 3From here, you can explore your dental assessment, create your own dental routine, and start tracking your dental health.


The app does not replace regular visits to the dental clinic, but for 5 free assessments per month, unlimited access to an effective dental wellness routine, and assessment tracking over a period of time, it can help you take charge of your dental health.

In recent times, the need to access healthcare remotely has come into sharp relief. We’re all restructuring our lives to spend more time at home and potentially missing out on basic care as a result. Apps like Adent Health enable you to manage dental care remotely, meaning you have access to care even from a distance.

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