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Kathrine of I LOVE MY TYPE likes to make people feel good. This is evident as she welcomes us into her home, coffee and chocolates out on the dining room table. It becomes even more clear as she explains the story behind the business she runs with boyfriend/partner Thomas, I LOVE MY TYPE.

“I used to have an eating disorder,” she explains. “I started going to self-development courses and learned about having positive messages and mantras. I have always loved typography and poster art; it seemed like a great way to keep those messages around me as I worked on myself as well as continue to keep my head in a good space.”

The name, Kathrine says, has a double-meaning. It denotes both her affection for typography and is a declaration of self-appreciation. “You should love yourself, whatever ‘type’ you are.” Kathrine adds.

Looking around her flat, the good messages are in abundance, both through art and prose. They take on a profound meaning in Kathrine’s home as she talks about her history:

“I had a past of self-destructive behavior. I have always known that I would come out the other side, even if it took years. Part of my recovery was using this period of my life and my experiences for something positive. I LOVE MY TYPE is the outcome of going through that journey while knowing that I had to make something of it for more than just myself.”

In 2011, she began looking for a web developer to help her with a webshop and met Thomas. Now living and running the business together, Thomas works on logistics and web-development while Kathrine provides the creative side, I LOVE MY TYPE has taken off in a spectacular way.

I LOVE MY TYPE apartment - Scandinavia Standard Hygge

“Our real beginning was at Finders Keepers market last year,” Thomas begins. After signing up and being accepted without time to conduct customer testing, they loaded up their small car with a very limited number of posters. “I thought we wouldn’t sell anything!” he laughs. Cut to a few hours later and not only was I LOVE MY TYPE completely sold out, but people were putting in advance orders. “It was crazy!” Kathrine says, her eyes getting big. “Customers were taking the order sheet out of our hands and writing orders in themselves. We couldn’t keep up! It was so exciting.”

And business has been on the upswing since. Now exporting to Norway and Sweden, shipping internationally and regularly visiting design fairs such as last year’s DesignTrade, the posters are selling so well that I LOVE MY TYPE will soon be branching into custom frames, a service for which customers often ask.

As Kathrine and Thomas describe their business, how it is tied to their own lives, their relationship and even to the walls of their home, I am floored by their openness and their willingness to be vulnerable. Kathrine in particular is so up-front about how her own needs inform her business. I ask her which poster is her favorite.

She pauses. “The one that says ‘Love the Process’ in pink with white font.” She goes on, “I need to remember to love my process. Running a business can be stressful. Life can be stressful. Those words are something I already know but the reminder is helpful. I’m inspired by listening to people talk about their imperfections. We’re all imperfect, so the outcome isn’t always the best way to measure. That’s why the process is important.”

While the “Love the Process” poster is quite stark, most of the other posters are filled with phrases and words that connect to their overall theme. Posters “Together,” “Powerful,” “Courage” and “Just Be You” are the most popular, along with “Love the Process.”

“A lot of our customers are women who give this as a gift to other women. I think it’s empowering to see positive messages and to give those messages to the ones you love.” Kathrine notes.

I LOVE MY TYPE Cards on Scandinavia Standard

In addition to the ready-made posters, it is possible to make custom-orders for events or special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

Since creating positivity is such an important part of I LOVE MY TYPE’s mission, it’s only fitting that this extends to their production; all posters and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. “We’re concerned with doing business right in all aspects,” says Thomas.

Well, they’re certainly doing something right; business has never been better and I LOVE MY TYPE can feel good about the message they’re sending.

I can’t wait to put up our “Love the Process” poster in monochrome when Scandinavia Standard finally gets around to securing office space. Until then, I’m grateful that I LOVE MY TYPE is out there spreading their unique form of beauty, kindness and love.

Order a poster for yourself and someone you love.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.