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Interview: Isabel Friis-Mikkelsen and BLOW CPH

At the beginning of August 2013, Isabel Friis-Mikkelsen opened the first blowdry bar in Copenhagen BLOW offers a wash, dry and style as well as manicure options. A central location in Nyhavn and a clean, bright storefront make BLOW the obvious choice for quick but luxurious touch-ups.

Currently able to take four clients at a time with a turnaround of about one hour, you can come in between work and that dinner party and look put-together in almost no-time. A glass of champagne or coffee adds a touch of glam to the experience.

While there is a lookbook on offer with a number of hair styles (up or down), clients should feel free to bring in inspiration photos or their own ideas.

With interior design by Studio David Thulstrup, the shop itself is a lovely expression of Scandinavian functionalism meeting international, urban design. It feels spacious, light, and professional, with a hint of girly-fun. Now lining the shelves are CND nail polish, GHD styling products and Milk_Shake hair goods, whose irreverent branding and high quality match the shop’s own.

BLOW Studio David Thulstrup BLOW Isabel Friis Copenhagen


Scandinavia Standard met Isabel at BLOW to find out more about her and her growing business. Read the interview below:

Where did the inspiration and concept for BLOW come from?

The inspiration came mostly from my travels. Cities like London, New York City and Los Angeles all have many choices when it comes to blowdry bars. I wanted to provide Copenhagen with the same! If you go to a conventional hair salon, a blow-out is really expensive; I wanted to provide a service that women could work into their weekly or bi-monthly grooming schedule that wouldn’t be overwhelming. We say each wash and dry lasts for three days, although each person is different, so it’s a good weekly investment.


What is the hardest thing about running your own business?

It’s a long process to start a business but I was lucky that I didn’t run into many obstacles. Lots of people were very helpful!


What is the most rewarding thing about running your own business?

The opening! It’s an incredible feeling. I don’t think I can describe it.


The business you run is a very aesthetic one. Do you feel that you have a Scandinavian aesthetic? What does that mean to you?

Our interior has a Scandinavian aesthetic- wood paneling, and simplicity. But I don’t think the business itself necessarily promotes a Scandinavian aesthetic; it’s really drawing on an international concept and bringing it into Scandinavia.


What’s currently the best city to find a variety of blow-dry options?

LA, no question. I would live there if I didn’t live in Copenhagen. I go often for work and with my boyfriend, so I was constantly seeing their blow dry options and how easy it was, I wanted to bring that back home with me.

We loved meeting Isabel and chatting about business, her shop and hair (hers is amazing, by the way). If you’re looking to have a special night out or want a blow-out that lasts, head to BLOW for the latest in hair care.

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Walk-ins and appointments welcome:

BLOW Copenhagen

Adelgade 6
1304 Kobenhavn K
+45 33 31 41 41
Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday: 12.00-18.00
Thursday, Friday: 12.00-20.00

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