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What’s the one thing you wish you could change with both your mood and your wardrobe? For me, it’s my handbag. A cross-body chain during the day when I’m on my bike, clutch-style at night, an added tassel when I’m feeling fiesty. What if, instead of needing three bags to achieve it all, you only needed one? Everie is making it happen.

A company launched in 2013 by classmates & friends Christina and Cathrine, Everie has quickly grown with a reputation of providing well-made, beautifully designed bags at a reasonable price.

When I sat down with the co-founders, it was pretty clear why the business has come so far in such a short time: these girls not only know their bags, they know each other.

“When we started to conceptualize Everie three years ago, our teachers realized pretty quickly that we had something special,” Christina says.

Nodding, Cathrine adds, “They saw that we worked well together. It made a huge difference for us. Once we had that encouragement, we really started pushing ourselves.”

Currently working out of a home office (including inventory! Best closet EVER), Everie knows how to appeal to their customers the old fashioned way: by filling an actual gap in the market.

“Handbags are pretty important to so many people on a daily basis. We need to carry things to work, while we’re out running errands. But if you want something good quality and stylish, the prices can get way too high. So our idea was to stick the ideals of Scandinavian design that we love while producing something that people can afford.” Cathrine tells me.

“And, we liked the idea of having it be personal. There’s a basic bag design but the extras are up to each customer. That’s new and we think people find it exciting.” Christina finishes.

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In keeping with strong principles of craftsmanship, the women know the entire design and production process as well as possible. They design the bags in Denmark then send the sketches to Istanbul, where prototypes are created, tweaked, then finally sent back to Copenhagen where the stock is kept for the webshop.

“We want to go to Istanbul as much as possible. When we were looking for a factory, we needed to make sure that the people we were working with really understood the look and vibe we were going for. We’re in close contact with the factory and they’re a huge part of the team.” Cathrine notes.

Asked about their inspiration, both women smile. Cathrine says, “Our motto is: make every day special. That’s where the name comes from; Everie is the old-fashioned spelling of every. So the whole idea is to take this item that you use daily and make it accessible and personal. Our biggest inspiration comes from seeing how our customers design their bags. We love to think about the way they put their own mark on it.”

Christina tells me, “That’s also why, when we started to create the brand, we wanted to work with fashion bloggers. We really like the way that each blogger would put their personal touch into the styling.”

As a result of taking their customers’ needs so seriously, Everie has developed a loyal following. “We can see that people are coming back. That’s the best compliment.” Cathrine says.

With a base like that, it’s not hard to guess that Everie is really only at the beginning of its journey. Now looking to expand into the rest of Scandinavia and international markets, as well as out of the webshop and into physical stores, we can’t wait to see where these bags pop up next.

Shop the Everie collection here.

Also, be sure to check out Everie’s gorgeous Instagram, @Everie_CPH:

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.