Ladies Who Launch: Danish Fashion Designer maxjenny!

Though we may not think of Scandinaiva as the home of colorful fashion, there’s a time for everything. Danish fashion brand maxjenny! believes that everyone should have a bit of color in his or her wardrobe, even if that just means pairing your every day black, white and grey basics with an outrageous overcoat. Her designers are a little over the top, yet still sophisticated and elegant thanks to clean, sharp silhouettes.

We spoke with founder and designer MaxJenny Forslund about her eponymous label and why she loves creating clothes with color:

When, where and by whom was maxjenny! launched? Tell us the story!

The brand, maxjenny! (small letters and a !) was launched 2014 in Copenhagen.

I´ve noticed a gap in the market for “statement wear;” things that you just combine with your black or denim base, which we all have, totally the way I dressed myself.

I´ve always designed my own clothes and have always dressed myself in only maxjenny!. So the decision was easy. Happily for me, there’s a craving for my designs; many women out there want colorful items to combine with their own basic wardrobe.


You use bright colors in your clothes. What inspires you about color?

I use all kinds of colors: pastel, strong, dusty and neon. Inspiration comes every day, just working. I work with prints, fabrics, and various combinations all day long, so it is hard to tell exactly where the inspiration of a special color comes from. I guess that’s where the secret is! I have always had an intuition for combinations and a sense for colors.


How should a person wearing your clothes feel?

Secure, happy, strong, self-confidant, powerful.


Do you think your clothes fit within the Scandinavian aesthetic?

The only Scandinavian aesthetic to my clothes is my shapes. Clean lines with bold prints. My brand has always had an international approach. Export is key for us, and can really get a brand going quickly. My brand is only about three years old but in the last year I have doubled my turnover due to export.


Explain the production process for your clothes – where is the textile sourced, and where are your clothes made?

Textiles are made in Holland and production is in Sweden, Denmark and Lithuania. Everything is designed in Copenhagen.



Your patterns are often extremely intricate. How do you combine a complex pattern with a clothing silhouette without losing the meaning of the pattern? Or is the meaning simply changed?

I do around 20 patterns per season and adjust them to different styles. Some prints can not take smaller areas and vice-versa so I work in color-groupings. There are always the headprints and the prints around these. Some prints are perfect for coats, some not; it really depends on the print!


Do you collaborate with other designers?

I would love to do a special project with another designer!


Who are some fashion designers you admire, or who inspire you?

I am not inspired by other fashion designers. I have a pretty strong brand DNA and my time is really limited. What I do, I do well and I’m staying on that road. Therefore, reading fashion magazines is not of interest to me. I attend art openings, both in Copenhagen and Berlin; that is really inspiring to me.


Do you have a favorite color?

Grass green, pink, and Yves Klein blue.

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Shop the full maxjenny! collection here.