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It’s the Little Things

There are days when you just want something sweet, then there are days when you want a sweet experience. For the latter, head to Leckerbaer.

With a small, old-fashioned counter with a cosy cafe space in the back, the store alone can make you smile. Owners Jakob and Gabi pay tribute to the former butcher shop with restored tiling around the counter and a sly row of hooks (with magazines!) hanging on a back wall.

But the decor is secondary to their product: cookies. Even better – an updated take on the traditional Danish Butter Cookie. Yes, those delicious melt-in-your-mouth (or your teacup) bites that comes in the round blue tin.

The two met in Spain in 2007, both having worked as chefs for years. Jakob, a chef from Denmark, and Gabi, a pastry chef from Switzerland, eventually decided to settle in Copenhagen and discussed opening their own shop. With a world of food to choose from, why butter cookies?

“It’s something that people have strong connections to, but it hasn’t been reworked in a while. For us, the cookies are a reflection of where we’ve been personally and also bringing something new to Denmark.” Jakob explains.

Leckerbaer - Cake Store - Counter Copenhagen | Scandinavia Standard
Lakkerbaer småkager - Danish Small Cakes - Copenhagen | Scandinavia Standard

“Cookie” is a misnomer, really, and a poor substitute for the Danish småkager which translates exactly to “small cakes.” Because although some of the items are directly influenced by the Danish Butter Cookie, others are more like petit fours or cake. The variety is surprising, making each visit a treasure hunt.

The treats are delicious – two or three bites each, flavorful, colourful, creative. They look professional yet enticing, each on its own or in a mixed box. The takeaway boxes, which come in variations of 8, 12 and 16, are great for a gift. Most of Leckerbaer’s business is takeaway, but their snug eat-in space is great for an afternoon tea or coffee.

If you’re not into butter cookies, you can still find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. The shop also sells madeleines, profiteroles, American-style cookies (read: huge), and even cookie dough so you can bake your own at home!

Leckerbaer - Small Cakes on Windowsill | Scandinavia Standard
Lakkerbaer småkager og kaffe - Danish Small Cakes - Must Visit Copenhagen | Scandinavia Standard

The flavors change occasionally – Gabi & Jakob say that they’re currently working on a Christmas cookie – but the tried-and-true customer favorites like Mælk (dark chocolate and vanilla creme. It’s basically a delicious fancy Oreo) and Hindbær (raspberry marmalade and icing) are always available.

The next time you’re heading to a dinner party or feel like an afternoon treat, try the elevated take on traditional favorites at Leckerbaer.

And in case you wanted to see the baking process from start to finish, their pastry kitchen is framed by a large window right next to the shop. Take a peek and be sure to wave!



Ryesgade 118
2100 København Ø

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 10.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday 10.00pm – 4.00pm
Sunday & Monday Closed