Lounging 101: The Stingray Chair

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Like the marine animal for which it is named, the Stingray chair is surprisingly big. It stretches out like rippling water, with waves that create the perfect indentations to not only sit, but to recline. Truly lounge. This is no dining room chair. You can’t sit primly at a desk, or do your make-up (unless you are supremely talented). No, when you sit in The Stingray, you better be ready for some relaxation.

First launched in 2002 by Danish designer Thomas Pedersen and produced by Fredericia Furniture, the Stingray was a graduate project for Aarhus School of Architecture. Designed with the human body in mind, Pedersen used the ergonomics of water to produce a chair that would make the sitter feel that he/she is floating. The chair is rendered in acrylic with a steel frame, and comes in white, black and dark grey standard finish (as seen in this article) and a number of leather colors and finishes. You can add a selection of throws and neck pillows to make it even more cosy.

The organic shape of the chair feels both indulgent and functional; the function, of course, being repose. This is modern Danish design at its best: a chair that is useful and beautiful, with the steel base recalling mid-century modern furniture and its undulating body recalling the ocean.

There are endless ways to lounge in your Stingray chair, but here’s how we would do it:

List Marker: Number 1Surround Yourself with Plants

There are endless studies confirming what we already knew: plants make your life better. So why not lounge amongst them? Whether you need a quick nap, a few minutes to think or need to get on a long phone call, rocking back and forth as you take in the lush greenery is sure to boost your mood.


List Marker: Number 2Books & A Good Drink

The hallmarks of a truly good lounge session: books and liquor. Although it’s customary to have a stiff upright leather armchair in your library-cum-bar room, we recommend the absolute bliss of the Stingray. Crack open that book, take a sip of something strong and life seems pretty good.


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

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