Minimalist Packaging We Love: Act of Caring Cleaning Products

Sustainably-made beauty products, from skincare to haircare, have become easier to find over the years. One area where it’s harder to find eco-conscious products is in household products – both for cleaning and care.

In particular, finding wood care, leather care, and marble care in sustainable versions has been nearly impossible until now.

Enter: Act of Caring. The Stockholm-based company that makes a range of cleaning and other household care products. They call this, “skincare for objects.”

The most appealing part of Act of Caring is that they fill in almost any household product gap you can think of: screen-cleaning cloths, whiteboard markers (refillable!), whiteboard cleaning spray, cutting board oil, marble cleanser, and so much more. All of their products are refillable, and many of the items can be purchased by parts. For example, if the spray nozzle breaks, it is possible to purchase a new one rather than throw away the entire bottle.

All packaging recyclable, and is made from 100% recycled PET milk bottles. The nozzles are made from partially recycled plastic, with the brand not9jg that they are currently looking for solutions to certain plastic parts that are not currently made from recycled materials and will update their production as soon as they become available.




Aside from their packaging, the brand’s commitment to environmental values permeates through their products. Not only are most of them refillable, they are also vegan and biodegradable. All ingredients are sourced locally and manufactured in Sweden. And, thank goodness: these products actually work, and smell great.

If you haven’t cleaned your wooden tabletop or desk in a while, try the Act of Caring Nourishing Wood Oil. Need to keep your favorite boots looking good? We recommend the Leather Care Kit. One item we were excited to see is the Cutting Board Oil; cutting board care isn’t exactly something that’s front-of-mind, but this oil will help your wooden cutting boards last for much longer and look good all the way along.

Act of Caring is all about caring for the parts of your home that perhaps don’t get too much attention, but support us in our every day life. Caring for those items is an exercise in mindfulness about what is useful and essential. That these products are also so eco-conscious is not “icing on top;” it’s essential, too.

Take a look at Act of Caring products and get inspired to care for the essential products in your life!





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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.