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Minimalist Packaging We Love: AROLAB Organic Skincare

How many skincare brands name their products after the Fibonacci sequence? In our experience, not that many! AROLAB Organic, a skincare and aromatherapy brand launched by architect Luca Lancini, is bringing a love of mathematics and biotechnology to the forefront of skincare, with a focus on ethical production and high-octane formulas that nourish the skin.

With very few products in their roster – only three at the moment – AROLAB proves that it’s definitely about quality rather than quantity. The two moisturizers, called 532 Essential Moisturising Hyraphase and 532 Essential Nourishing Lipophase, are made to be used either together or separately, and offer different elements of moisture as skin and seasons change. The 532 that precedes each of the names is a reference to the Fibonacci sequence; together, these products form the 532 Cosmetic Protocol, a skincare combination that adapts to the needs of both the skin and climate on an evolving basis.

Both products have a light, botanical scent that dissipates quickly. The formulas sink into the skin easily and feel moisturising without any heaviness or residue. The Cosmetic Protocol provides supple skin, even in harsh weather conditions (Scandinavian winter tried-and-tested!), and is a great smoothing daytime base for thicker moisturizers and sunscreen.




In addition to the hydrating elements, AROLAB makes 532 Essential Dental Serum, a gel that is added to toothpaste to improve breath and the look of teeth. On the surface, this perhaps seems like a strange addition to the product collection, but it again shows that AROLAB’s focus is on producing highly-scientific, lab-tested products that are about skin and body health.

AROLAB Organic products are unisex, vegan, cruelty-free, and all items are packaged in Europe by people who are at risk for social exclusion, in partnership with UN FBSD (Family Business for Sustainable Development).

What Lancini has set out to do is to redefine what luxury actually means, noting, “We need to redefine the concept of luxury as that product or service that provides a value, that exceeds its physical characteristics or its symbolic exclusivity. True luxury cannot respond only to the interests of its customers and producers, but must consider society, the environment and all other life forms.”




And the packaging? It’s environmentally-friendly through-and-through. All bottles are made of original violet glass, so they are both recyclable and keep the ingredients active. Shipping boxes keep the glass safe with Spanish and Portugese cork that also provides an isothermal barrier, so the ingredients don’t degrade in transport.

The more we learn about AROLAB Organic, the more it’s clear that they’re doing their best to do everything right. The products are expensive, but they do offer a sizeable amount per bottle.

So how does Lancini’s architecture background influence AROLAB, other than his slick sense of aesthetics? For him, it’s all about the ethical integration of nature into our daily lives.

“In the same way that I have always believed and still believe that architecture must be integrated with the environment, my lifestyle has evolved to be more consistent and more aligned with my beliefs, ” he says. That is reflected in not only AROLAB’s ingredients, but in the way the brand is from from formula to packaging.

Just as the Fibonacci sequence is built upon the sum of the numbers before it, AROLAB Organic’s understanding of responsibly-made and high-quality products is built on each step; each level cannot be reached without the step before it. It may not be the easy route when developing products, but it’s one that Luca Lancini and his team can feel good about.

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.