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Minimalist Packaging We Love: Marc Jacobs Beauty

For those of us who grew up in the aughts, there is no more nostalgic scent than Marc Jacobs Daisy. It was a first perfume for many of us, and a first interaction with luxury designer-led products. And the packaging! All of a sudden, I noticed how products looked, and found myself drawn to specific things because of the way they were packaged. Daisy, and other classic Marc Jacobs perfumes like Dot, were simple enough to appeal to adults and whimsical enough to appeal to a teen audience.

This combination of sleek and quirky visuals with high-quality, professional-level cosmetics has allowed Marc Jacobs Beauty to become an important part of the Marc Jacobs empire. We recommend the iconic Highliner Eye Gel Crayon (in every color!) and Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme for an easy-to-wear lipcolor that doesn’t dry your lips.

Take a look at the way Marc Jacobs Beauty has evolved to include every cosmetic under the sun:


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