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Minimalist Packaging We Love: Mr. Christmas Elf

Minimalist packaging is all well and good – we love it, of course – but the product in the package is what’s important. That’s why we love Los Angeles-based skincare brand Mr. Christmas Elf: they’ve got the packaging, but they’ve also got the goods.

Made with all natural, organic ingredients, mixed and packaged by hand in small batches, and put in easily-recyclable glass and aluminium, Mr. Christmas Elf is skincare for those looking for something gentle yet effective. Their clean, sleek packaging is inspired by Scandinavian design. The brand is committed to lowering their environmental impact whenever possible, and have developed a series of environmental incentives for customers to assist with this, including a refill system, and a discount for sending your plastic to CarbonLite for recycling.

Mr. Christmas Elf’s two products, Rose Water and Rosehip Aloe with Matrixyl 3000, are both hydrating and anti-aging. The Rose Water (my favorite) contains aloe vera for moisturising and healing, Himalayan pink sea salt for improving oxygenation of the skin, and Epsom salt to clarify skin. The Rosehip Aloe with Matrixyl 3000 promotes collagen renewal, resulting in a plumping effect.

Mr. Christmas Elf is definitely what we’d like to see in our Christmas stockings this coming holiday, and we’ll be using it the rest of the year as well.

Take a look at Mr. Christmas Elf natural skincare:

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.