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Minimalist Packaging We Love: Sprekenhus

Shallow beaches in the south, fishing harbors in the North, rolling panoramic views in the west, and evergreen forests in the East; oceanic climate and limestone bedrock provide the perfect conditions for various types of orchids to grow and 210 different species of birds call this spot home. This is what makes up the ancient landscape of Vega, an archipelago in Norway and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s a title given to the islands because of “the way generations of fishermen/farmers have, over the past 1,500 years, maintained a sustainable living in an inhospitable seascape near the Arctic Circle.”

It reflects a unique connection between human and nature – life moves slowly in Vega as the locals lean into their home’s natural cycle – and is the inspiration behind Norwegian skincare brand Sprenkenhus.

Combining tradition with innovation; naturally occurring ingredients with intelligent formulas; Sprekenhus has created a range that taps into the culture of Vega to provide a long-lasting sense of well-being. Its star ingredient, argan oil, is rich in vitamins and has been sought after for use in beauty regimes for decades due to its high anti-oxidant abilities. It is a universal agent, so Sprekenhus’s wide range includes skin, body, and hair care, while botanicals like violet and citrus fruits are the basis of fragrances for you and your home. All of Sprekenhus’s ingredients are ethically sourced, organic, and fair trade.

There’s a simplicity to the formulas, as they revolve around unlocking the benefits of the highest quality argan oil. In some cases, like the face oil, no other ingredient is added, as the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and richly moisturizing oil needs no help. This simplicity is mirrored in the brand’s monochromatic packaging, which features timeless black text on a white background to create an emblematic expression.

As is true of the formulas, every element serves a practical function, as the utilitarian design is at once aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to its contents. The dark bottles act as protection from UV to stop the natural ingredients from diminishing, while the graphic label style is designed to fit all necessary information to reduce the need for outer packaging where possible. Along with their refusal to use harsh chemicals, this decision is part of the brand’s wider commitment to sustainability. The Sprekenhus manufacturing plant is powered by solar panels and the company is now offering refills to reduce the manufacturing of bottles. In Sprenkenhus’s case, minimalist packaging and minimal packaging go hand in hand.

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Photography by Freya McOmish.

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