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Minimalist Packaging We Love: Surrat Beauty

Surratt Beauty was founded by makeup artist Troy Surratt in 2013. Surratt, who worked as an assistant to makeup icon Kevyn Aucoin from the late 90s until Aucoin’s death in 2002, went on to become a major celebrity makeup artist in his own right before launching his eponymous line.

His makeup, which ranges from lipsticks and palettes to eyelash curlers and brushes, is exceedingly high-quality and often comes in deep jewel tones and clever combinations. The Perfectionist Concealer Palette, which comes in a number of shades from light to dark, is built on the idea that for most people, one concealer color isn’t sufficient. Instead, it offers two complementary shades that can be used separately or mixed together, plus a setting powder.

The Surrat Beauty packaging hits just the right note between minimalist and luxurious. It’s as high-quality as the makeup itself, and the compacts feel especially decadent. The all black, ombré matte-to-shimmering exteriors are each a jewel.


The Lip Lustre, a high-shine lip gloss that wears for a surprinsgly long time and doesn’t feel sticky, is very of-the-moment. The colorless versions are also ideal when used as a subtle liquid highlighter.

Particularly impressive is the Auto-Graphique Eyeliner, a liquid eyeliner pen with a refillable cartridge. It is seriously easy to use, goes on with a precision that most liquid doesn’t offer, lasts all day, and then wipes off easily. Scientficially, I do not understand how it works. But it really does. It is a holy grail makeup product for me.

Everything I’ve had the chance to try from Surratt has been excellent, and the packaging makes it even easier to love. The makeup is a bit pricey, but the quality backs up the price point. If you’re looking to switch out a specific everyday item for something high-end (like eyeliner, for example), Surratt is an a great choice.

Take a look at our favorites from Surratt Beauty, including the best liquid eyeliner:

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Auto-Graphique Eyeliner in Chat Noir, €49


Lip Lustre in Etoile 1, €37


The Perfectionist Concealer Palette, €66


Lid Lacquer, €43


Lipslique, €39


Relevée Lash Curler, €30


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