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Gitte Christensen, the stylist and curator behind the webshop Objects & Use, practices what she preaches. “I believe that doing something, even if it’s small, is better than doing nothing at all. That’s the reason I created the shop,” she tells me as we drink coffee in her kitchen.

Her home, the ground floor of a three story house on Amager, is just as eclectic and well-put together as the webshop. Filled with plants, posters, books and a gorgeous mix of patterns, each room feels both lived-in and meticulously planned.

And really, that’s what Objects & Use is about. “In terms of home wares, we don’t have a lot of options when it comes to sustainable products. Even the idea of creating lines of products that are sustainable is counter-intuitive. So I’m trying to put some of the options that already exist on the market. They’re not all perfect; one item might be made of organic cotton, while another will be reusable, and so on. It’s about slightly altering your use and being thoughtful in the way you live in your home.”

Started in 2012 as both a blog and a webshop, Objects & Use is a website that showcases Gitte’s styling talents (which are considerable. Just take a look at her gorgeous Instagram!) as well as her love of interior design and local products.

And how did she get here? Gitte started in the fashion industry and after 15 years, she was ready for a change. “There’s so much pollution in fashion,” she says. “You produce all these pieces multiple times a year; it just keeps adding up. I wanted to step back from that.”

Objects & Use - Gitte Christiansen | Scandinavia Standard

Already interested in interior design, Gitte began styling on a freelance basis and launched the website. “I see it as almost an online magazine that has these different facets. The blog is a way for me to showcase my styling but it’s also about the products, people and styles that inspire me.” She pauses and pours more coffee. “What I realized as I went along is that it’s not just about selling products; you’re selling your own world. People have to be inspired by your images and want to recreate that world. So that’s what I try to do.”

Along with the start of Objects & Use, 2012 saw the beginnings of Loft Bazaaren, the creative marketplace that runs annually. With VisseVasse designer Dorthe Mathiesen, Gitte wanted to start a market that not only supported emerging designers but also allowed them to create their own community. “During the market the designers sell, of course, but they also network and get to know what’s going on in different aspects of the design scene in Copenhagen. It’s a lot of fun and very exciting for us.”

In terms of her personal goals for Objects & Use, Gitte says that she wants to contribute to a shift in the way we shop. “You should be able to shop for what you want without thinking about whether those things are made with fair labor practices, or use the best quality materials, or anything else. We’re not at that stage yet, but there are places where you can go and you know that’s the baseline, like Objects & Use.”

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How easy is it for Gitte to find these kinds of products to sell in the webshop, I wonder? “I’m not looking for new products all the time,” she explains, “I have items that have been in the shop for years and I just restock as needed. It’s interesting, you know, there are lots of options when it comes to food or skincare. But less so when it comes to interior design. It makes sense, in a way, because you’re not putting it directly on or in your body, but still, you’re interacting with these products every day. ”

Gitte’s love for creating a consciously-decorated, beautiful home is evident not just in her business and in what she says, but in the way she’s carefully built her own space. While interior design is never at the top of my list of items I’m looking for in organic or fair trade iterations, why shouldn’t it be? Gitte’s right; this is the home you’re creating, and it should make you feel good.

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