Organizational Items for the True Minimalist

Even minimalists have stuff, no matter how hard we may try. Rather than be pathological about it and get rid of things you actually need (been there, didn’t have socks for a month), why not find items that will help you keep your place organized while maintaining the clean look you love?

Here are the products that are helping us keep our office and home spaces in check:

Nomess Acrylic Storage

Nomess (no-mess, get it?) storage products are a favorite of the hyper-organized set, and for good reason. What’s better than a place to put your various little things – be they office, kitchen or toiletry related – where you can also see exactly where everything is? Because their storage items are clear, you know what’s what without losing the benefit of intense tidiness.

Some of our favorites are the Clear Makeup Organiser XL to keep your make-up in one place while still showing off those pretty lipsticks, the Clear Mirror Box for items on your desk or vanity, and the Clear Magazine Holder for magazines or folders.

Nomess Acrylic Storage Plastic Minimalist Storage System Danish | Scandinavia Standard


ferm LIVING Wire Basket and Table Top

ferm LIVING’s brand of cosy Danish style looks great in every setting. This basket-cum-table is both storage and furniture, making it a double-whammy of good design. Store pillows, blankets, magazines…even a plant peeking out of the wires would look cool. It comes in a few sizes and colors, so you can use them all around the house or office.

Ferm living Wire Basket  Minimalist Storage | Scandinavia Standard


ByLassen Frame System

Wall-attached shelving with a monochrome and modern vibe that fits in almost any space or with any decor choice. The Frame shelves are always a good idea; they’re both timeless and chic. Fill them with your books, use them in place of a cocktail bar or create a small entrance table/storage area.

Frame Case By Lassen Minimalist Storage | Scandinavia Standard


Muuto Dots

Dot these around your living or work space for extra hanging room. When they’re not being used, they still look lovely and a little quirky, adding a sculptural update to your usual hooks. The dots offer the opportunity to showcase special pieces. If you have a coat, dress or bag that you find particularly beautiful, why not let it stand out on your wall? The unpainted wood version is the perfect neutral, while you can also buy a variety of colors like black, white, pink and yellow. Or paint them yourself, of course!

Order here: $USD | £GBP | €EUR

Muuto Dots Minimalist Storage | Scandinavia Standard


Nomess Gravity Rack

Anything that can be attached to the wall is probably a good thing in terms of saving space. We love the gravity rack because it’s elegant; you can go minimalist with black or get a pop of color with red. The industrial feel means that it still stands out as an architectural alternative to a basic coat rack.

Nomess Gravity Rack


Hay Box Box

I got two different sets of Box Box sets for Christmas this year and, apparently, no one in my family had ever seen me that happy before. For comparison: three Christmases previous, my husband and I announced our engagement.

The clean shape lends itself to stacking and the complimentary colors make them a great addition to a room. I use mine for candles, scarves, documents; there’s no limit and that’s what makes them a wonderful purchase.

Hay Boxes  Minimalist Storage | Scandinavia Standard


Sandqvist Jones – Black Backpack/Briefcase

If a more perfect briefcase-backpack hybrid has ever existed, I implore you to prove it. It’s sleek but sturdy and will look just as good hanging on the wall as it will on your back. This gender-neutral canvas and leather bag is especially good for cyclists who also want to look professional, as the backpack straps are entirely detachable.

The Jones is spacious enough for you computer, files, and everyday additions; it even comes with a 13″ laptop and iPad sleeve inside, as well as two inner zip compartments. I realise I’m starting to sound like an advertisement but I just really love this bag!

Sandqvist Bag - Minimalist Storage | Scandinavia Standard


Blå Station BePlus Folding Chair

You should probably have more chairs than simply what fits around the dining table, for when you have extra guests. Folding chairs are a useful option but they’re often ugly. Thank goodness there are aesthetically pleasing ones around these days, such as the BePlus chair from Swedish design firm Blå Station. A stack of these in a closet, hung behind a door or in the corner looks just as good as when they’re being used.

BePlus Folding Chair - Minimalist Storage | Scandinavia Standard

Have another organisational item that makes your space look beautiful? Tell us about it!

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