Party in a Post: Heartland Festival 2018

The third edition of Heartland Festival will be held 31st May – 2nd June, and we couldn’t be more excited (in a totally sophisticated, grown-up kind of way)! As we get older, we’re ready to settle into a music festival that comes with all the trimmings. A music, food, art, and idea festival set on the grounds of a 16th century castle, called Egeskov Slot, on the Danish island of Funen; it’s a festival like no other.

This year’s musical headliners include Patti Smith, Van Morrison, Lykke Li, Grizzly Bear, and MØ. Talks will be held by the likes of Salaman Rushdie, Kim Gordon, and Tracy Emin. Chef Christian Puglisi (the former noma-alum who now owns a host of restaurants around Copenhagen, including Relæ) heads up the food section. Contemporary art icons Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, who largely explore the dynamic between power and music, will be there as part of the festival’s art concept. Heartland is clearly into over-achievers.

But this playlist is all about the music, so you can enjoy the festival from afar or get yourself pumped to take part.

Here’s your Heartland Festival 2018 playlist:

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