Party in a Post: NorthSide Festival 2016

This year from 17 – 19 June, Northside Festival is back and better than ever. With acts like Beach House, Iggy Pop and Sigur Ros, Northside is coming into its own as a festival that has to compete with the likes of Roskilde.

Taking place in charming Aarhus, the festival provides not only rad music but a range of engaging art, innovation and sustainability projects.

But enough of the facts! Let’s get to the music. The number of female artists performing at festivals across Europe tends to be disappointing. This playlist is a balanced offering, with particular emphasis put on Beach House, Bloc Party, Velvet Volume, The Minds of 99, Puscifer, and tracks featuring female artists.

Listening to a good music festival playlist before you attend a festival is crucial. I’m excited to have just discovered C. Duncan. And Marvellous Mosell? Far out. Previously, my music festival strategy involved cruising around, cool as a cucumber, listening to favorites while discovering new acts in between. The cool cucumber strategy has its drawbacks, though. Last year I learned the hard way and missed so many now-favorites.

Play this one all the way through for your start-to-summer soundtrack:

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Northside Festival Playlist 2016 Party in a Post | Scandinavia Standard


Check out the full Northside program here.

Have a favorite song or artist that will be at Northside? Tell us about it in the comments!

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