Party in a Post: Roskilde Festival Playlist 2019

Roskilde Festival, northern Europe’s biggest rock music festival, takes place 29th June – 7th July this year. With headliners that include Cardi B, Robyn, Chance the Rapper, Bob Dylan, Janelle Monáe, and The Cure, there’s a wide variety of musical genres to choose from. As with every year, we wish the line up was more gender-balanced and included more artists of color, but those that will be there are exciting, talented, and varied acts.

Roskilde isn’t just about the music – the festival also has an incredible selection of food (almost 100% organic), art projects, and social initiatives. All that, and the trippy, kinda gross, majorly fun, and completely carefree vibe that it’s been known for since it launched back in 1971.

But back to the music: whether you want to sing along to the classics (no new stuff, Bob Dylan!), dance your face off (Robyn, we are not worthy), or just chill on the grass while something plays in the background, there’s something for you at this year’s festival.

Get ready to party with our Roskilde Festival 2019 playlist:

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