Party in a Post: SPOT Festival 2017

Since 1994, SPOT Festival has been the go-to for Danish and Nordic bands that are looking to strike it big in the region. The festival acts as a platform for both emerging local artists; bands like Mew, Efterklang and MØ all got their start at SPOT. The vibe is always exciting and, thanks to SPOT+, the networking conference that runs in tandem with the festival, there are lots of opportunities for musicians looking to get their music out there.

So who’s going to be at SPOT this year? Acts you may already know about like First Hate, AV AV AV, and Velvet Volume, plus a whole lot more that will soon fall under the “new favorite band” category.

There are also plenty of day parties along with the band gigs. It’s worth taking a look at Soundvenue’s pre-party, the OhWell showcase, and the Aarhus Volume stage (no wristband needed).

Here’s your SPOT Festival 2017 playlist. Party on, party people:

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PSSSST! Expert Tip

Don’t miss The New Family, playing on 11pm Saturday in the Lille Sal of Musikhuset.

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