Roskilde Festival 2014: Links to Click

I was lucky to attend one day (Saturday) of Roskilde Festival this year but, let’s be real, my iPhone 4 doesn’t capture the kind of images to which you fine readers have become accustomed. Creative Director and insanely good photographer Freya wasn’t able to join me this year, so our (read: my) image-collecting capabilities were dramatically limited.

And even if I had the world’s best camera (what is that, an iPhone 5?), the results wouldn’t be too impressive. I’m lots of things, ladies & gents, but a concert photographer is not one of them. Luckily lots of other, more talented people were there too and captured some great moments.

Here are our favorites links showcasing the week-long festival, including Roskilde Rising, the camp sites and some pretty incredible food.

Here Today

Visit Copenhagen


Emily Salomon


Couldn’t make it to the festival? Check out DR’s coverage for concert videos as well as articles and photography:

DR – Roskilde Festival

What did we miss? Leave the links that you’ve been reading in the comments. \m/ (as they say)!