Scandi Dandies: Fully Dressed with Black Crane

Black Crane is one of those brands that you see once and the aesthetic lodges itself in your mind. There’s a very particular look to their dresses especially; expertly draped, with class silhouettes and strong lines. But lots of brands can boast that, so what sets the brand apart, exactly?

Maybe it’s in the quietude of the pieces; founder and designer Momo Suzuki is inspired not only by the Japaneses aesthetic but also, she says “the desire for what I want to wear next.” I think we can safely say, then, that whatever Suzuki wants to wear next is also what I want to wear next.

Momo’s husband began a menswear line in 2000 and she joined several years later. Shortly after, they began Black Crane together, as Momo puts it, “as an extension of my closet. It was quite natural for me to create clothes to reflect my lifestyle.”

Asked about her most memorable moment with Black Crane, Suzuki says, “When we moved to an office from our home office.” It’s something anyone who has been part of a growing business can understand; crossing that threshold from working out of your home to needing your own space is pretty major.

Black Crane - slit top white - Scandi Dandies  | Scandianvia StandardBlack Crane - pleated pants - Scandi Dandies | Scandianvia Standard


Her slowly-but-surely work ethic is that of a craftsman, one who is concerned not only with the success of a venture but also the quality. It is this aspect of Black Crane, as well as its look, that ties it to the Scandi style. The Scandinavian aesthetic, Suzuki notes, is “timeless, simple, modern design with great functionality.” Not a far cry from her own work; fresh lines that offer elegant, easy movement.

So what’s next for Black Crane? Momo says, “Our main focus was the United States [market] in couple of years but we are ready to expand to Europe now. We have some fun projects is coming up, but it’s still a secret…”

Well, that sounds promising.

Black Crane - Slit top - Scandi Dandies | Scandianvia-StandardBlack Crane - Cocoon dress - Scandi Dandies | Scandianvia Standard
Black Crane- green jumper - Scandi Dandies | Scandianvia StandardBlack  Crane - poncho - Scandi Dandies | Scandianvia Standard
Black Crane - tank dress - Scandi Dandies | Scandianvia Standard Black Crane - painter dress - Scandi Dandies | Scandianvia Standard
Black Crane- square shirt - Scandi Dandies | Scandianvia Standard

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