Scandi Dandies: Get Down on Knit with Wool & the Gang

Wool & the Gang, based in Dalston, London, isn’t your average knitwear company. Very punny name aside (and we do love a good pun), WATG is offering something fresh in the fashion world by creating not only ready-to-wear knits but also knitting kits for everything from clothes to pillows. If you’re not a knitting-expert, never fear: WATG has tutorials for you to learn everything you need to know.

In addition to allowing you to create your own pieces, WATG is working hard to find ethically-sourced and sustainably-made material so that you can feel good about your purchase.

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We spun a yarn (aha! This is gonna be a fun article!) with the team at Wool & the Gang to find out more about their cosy concept:

Tell us about the inspiration for the Wool & the Gang

We were inspired to reinvent the traditional image of knitting, and to make classic yet on-trend pieces you could create yourself. We believe fashion should be made unique and with love, not mass-produced. Quality fashion that’s sustainably produced! As far as the name goes, we get a lot of inspiration from music, which you will find throughout the names of our products in our collections.


Can you take us through sourcing process for your wool and production on your ready-to- wear pieces?

Our team is very dedicated to finding the best quality products to create the best quality knits. Elaine, our production manager, travels around the world and finds us amazing quality yarns; from recycled denim for Billie Jean to our fluffy sustainably produced Take Care Mohair. We take pride in making things by hand, which is hard to do in mass production, and why we love the kits so much. You can add value by creating these items yourself.



Describe Wool & the Gang designs

We like to create pieces that are on-trend and relevant, but we also want them to be timeless as people are putting so much effort into making them. They are super soft and a pleasure to wear!


What is your perception of Scandinavian design and aesthetic?

The Scandinavian aesthetic very much emphasises minimalism, with innovative designs that remain timeless and functional, as well as high attention to detail, craftsmanship and sustainability.



Does Wool & the Gang fit into your idea of Scandinavian design and aesthetic? How or how not?

There seems to be a lot of parallels. With similar attention to being environmentally-friendly as well as timeless pieces with high-level craftsmanship, Wool and the Gang could definitely fit into the Scandinavian aesthetic.


What are the pros and cons of having knit kits vs. ready-to-wear? What do you find your customers prefer and why do you think that is?

Our customers love a knit kit, and there is a definite preference to creating something yourself. You get such a sense of accomplishment knowing that you made it yourself, and you can be confident you know exactly where it has come from and how it’s been made. Knitting and/or crocheting is such a great skill to have – once you start it’s hard to stop! Our knit kits and crochet kits are great for all levels whether you’re just starting out or a total pro, we have a project for everyone.

Ready-to-wear is great for those who are looking for ethically-sourced and created knitwear but don’t have the time or confidence to create the piece themselves. It’s also great if you want your item now. If you want something on the site that doesn’t currently come in ready-to-wear, you can always email us and we’ll put you in touch with one of the gang to commission the piece!

Are you learning to knit? Have you used a Wool & the Gang pattern? Tell us about it in the comments. And remember to hashtag #shareyourknits on your WATG projects on Instagram so we can see them!

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.