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Dylan Davis and Jean Lee are the founders of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, a design studio based in Brooklyn and Seattle with an array of products including lighting, home decor and even jewelry. Launched in 2010, they’ve already been featured in a number of prestigious publications and continue to produce beautiful, minimalist and dynamic pieces with unexpected materials.

Here’s what they had to say about their work:

Tell us about the inspiration for your brand

We’re inspired by the exploratory process through playful experimentation. We try to convey that philosophy & aesthetic through out our work, no matter what materials we’re using or products we’re making.

What was the process of starting your company like?

We took things one step at a time. Although we took our time cultivating our studio, we did what was comfortable for us and didn’t want to rush into things. At first neither of us were sure if we could make a living as an independent design studio, so we both worked on L&G Studio projects on the side. After a year or so, Jean started working on L&G Studio full time and it wasn’t until year three that Dylan quit his full-time job. The rest of history!

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio | Scandinavia Standard - perimeter oak bw sq C


Ladies and Gentlemen Studio | Scandinavia Standard - IMG_2916


Tell us about your most memorable moment with you company

It was the day were both officially full-time at L&G Studio. It was extremely scary and exciting at the same time, and it was the best and biggest risk we took for ourselves. We deliberated for more than a year, weighing all the pro and cons. But when that day finally came, all our fears of quitting our jobs vanished. We were able to invest all our energy into our studio. We realized that the biggest risk we could have made was never to have tried.


What is your perception of Scandinavian style or aesthetic?

Simple, elegant and refreshing.


Do you agree that your brand is a “Scandi Dandy?” Why or why not?

We’d like to think so! There’s a common appreciation for finding a balance between clean, simple, and thoughtful design while integrating a sense of warmth to make everything feel approachable.

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio Flaylay | Scandinavia Standard


What’s next for your Ladies and Gentlemen?

We recently relocated our studio to Brooklyn and we’re excited for our new adventure in the Big Apple! We’re hoping to meet lots of awesome people and have projects in NY and beyond.

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio | Scandinavia Standard - Maru round mirror2-copper-2
Ladies and Gentlemen Studio | Scandinavia Standard - Mega Doily 4ft rug_horz
Ladies and Gentlemen Studio | Scandinavia Standard - RH_ShapeUp_Chand3_2_12384_V1
Ladies and Gentlemen Studio | Scandinavia Standard - trivet_mix2
Ladies and Gentlemen Studio | Scandinavia Standard - shapeup+styled+pendant2_black_red

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