Scandi Haircuts: What’s All the Fuss About?

Have you seen Scandinavia Standard’s tumblr, Scandi Haircuts? If not, what’s your problem? Do you hate hair? Why do you hate it so much? God, you’re impossible.

Let’s leave the hair-haters out of this, for once. For once in our goddamn lives. Because we’re here to talk about scandi-haircuts and Scandi Haircuts.

If you’ve perused the website at all, you’ve probably noticed that we spend a fair amount of time ruminating on the Scandinavian aesthetic. Naturally, fashion is an aspect of this and in Scandinavia, we find that fashion often includes a carefully crafted hairstyle.

Hair isn’t just that unbrushable mess on top of your head that may or may not have a creature living in it (what, only me?), it’s another way to express your style, a small but creative part of yourself. The color, the cut, the way you wear it: we love seeing what people are doing on the streets.

And some people are just crying out to be photographed. Seriously, have you seen the tumblr? Scandinavia Standard secretariat, as the photos are edited and posted, likes to chat about our new Scandi-boyfriends and girlfriends. Which is literally every single person. We’re Scandi-sluts like that.

Think you have a Scandi-haircut worth posting? You probably do. Send us a picture or tag #ScandiHaircuts and #ScandinaviaStandard on Twitter, tumblr or Instagram.


Scandi Haircuts on Tumblr


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.