Six Best Places to Find a Happn Date in Copenhagen

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If you’re on the dating scene in Scandinavia and have a smartphone, you’ve probably heard of happn. If you haven’t, here’s a quick breakdown: happn is a free dating app, much like others available on the market, in which you match with potential dates based on a short profile and series of pictures.

Fine, you say – sign me up. Wait! Don’t you want to know what makes this one so good? Come on, cynical internet daters of the world! What sets happn apart is that it uses geolocation technology to match you with people with whom you cross paths. The more you and that person are physically in the same place, the higher the match.

All to say: happn is about finding people that are already part of your daily life, you just don’t know it yet.

So you’ve downloaded the app, made your profile and now you’re ready to go. What next? As a special treat for Copenhageners or those visiting Copenhagen, we’ve teamed up with happn to find out the top spots where people cross paths in the city. Now you can go stand there and geolocate your way to love (or fun, whatever you’re looking for)!

Here are the top six spots to meet a happn date in Copenhagen:

List Marker: Number 1Københavns Lufthavn (Copenhagen Airport)

This makes sense, right? Although I won’t encourage you to visit the airport socially (that’s just sad), if you happen (haha! This is going to be a fun article) to be there, whip out your phone and see who’s around.

Copenhagen Airport

Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
2770 Kastrup

Suggested Date:

If you’ve both cleared security, grab coffees, orange juice (anyone who doesn’t drink orange juice in airports is a monster) and pastries at a Lagkagehuset, sit by the window and watch the boarding planes while discussing your next trip (together maybe? Too fast? Okay).

Copenhagen Airport Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 2Spinderiet

The mall in Valby is just the kind of place you could walk past your next crush without even noticing. Busy people doing busy-people-things isn’t the most romantic setting, but it’s real life! Everyone needs lightbulbs.


Bomuldsgade 4
2500 København

Suggested Date:

For an easy Saturday or Sunday morning, combine your errands and your date; pop round to various stores, then set your bags down at one of the eateries in the building. It might sound boring but I contend that one of the best, most low-pressure ways to get to know someone is to spend time like this – grocery shopping or running errands. If you’re in the mood for coffee, there’s Coffee Empire or Cafe Emily. If you want food, Sticks ’n Sushi is the way to go.


List Marker: Number 3Magasin du Nord

So many fancy things! Magasin feels a bit like elevated shopping because everything there is so nice. If you’re looking for someone with a perfectly-tailored overcoat, this is the spot.

Magasin du Nord

Kongens Nytorv 13
1095 København K

Suggested Date:

Head to the basement level together and create the perfect date picnic basket complete with wine, food and dessert. If the weather is nice, take it nearby to Nyhavn or Kongens Have for an outdoors romance. If it’s cold or raining, head back to one of your places, light some candles and spread out on the floor.


List Marker: Number 4Copenhagen Business School

Can’t you just imagine all the groomed men & women in their button-downs and shiny shoes? It’s a veritable buffet of future executives! If that’s what you’re into – even if you don’t go to CBS – make sure you’ve got your personal elevator pitch polished and ready to go.

Copenhagen Business School

Howitzvej 60
2000 Frederiksberg

Suggested Date:

Give powerpoint presentations (not a euphemism) of your latest business ventures while staring deep into each other’s eyes. Just kidding. How about a coffee or lunch at the delicious Sokkelund Cafe just down the road? Their burgers are fantastic!


List Marker: Number 5Tivoli / Det Humanistiske Fakultet. Københavns Universitet

Full disclosure: my second date with my husband was at Tivoli, so I’m partial to its charms. There’s something about that youthful joy that can really connect you with another person.


Vesterbrogade 3
1630 København

Suggested Date:

Enjoy a day traipsing around the amusement park before having a beautiful dinner and glass of wine on the Nimb Brasserie terrace. It’s pretty straight-forward romantic, but what’s wrong with that?

Tivoli Copenhagen | Scandinavia Standard
As for the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Humanities, I cannot think of a less romantic place, but love surprises us all, doesn’t it? Maybe those depressing grey buildings are the perfect psychological impetus to find a mate.

The Faculty of Humanities

Karen Blixens Vej 4
2300 København

Suggested Date:

Put your armful of books down for a minute and walk over to Amagerfælled or Islands Brygge, both close-by. The fresh air is the perfect antidote to a day of classes and studying. Maybe you’ll get to hold hands!


List Marker: Number 6Parken

I would not have guessed that the national stadium would be this high on the list, but here we are. For you sports fans out there, your perfect match could be sitting in the seat behind you, unwittingly screaming in your ear about “DEFENSE!” Life is strange, no?


Per Henrik Lings Allé 2
2100 København Ø

Suggested Date:

Well, this one is easy. You’re already in a stadium! Why not just stay and watch a game? Get some beers and cuddle up.

…and because we know you want more than just 6, here #7 – 9:

List Marker: Number 7Københavns Universitet Panum


List Marker: Number 8Gasværksgrunden


List Marker: Number 9Copenhagen Street Food

It’s fairly obvious that students in Copenhagen are having a good time between classes (international exchange programs: I believe I’ve just found your hook).

What’s cool about the rest of the list is that these are’t bars or late night spots – this is where you are doing your boring errands, taking your dog for a walk or heading out with your family for a day of touring. Those are the places your next date is wandering around too, just looking for you! Doesn’t that make the whole world suddenly feel very exciting?

Don’t have happn yet? Download it for your smartphone here!

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