Six Classic Scandinavian Toys Kids Will Love

Toys should be many things: age-appropriate, entertaining, allowing the child to use his or her imagination, and practically unbreakable. With all its focus on timeless design, its no wonder that Scandinavia has produced some fantastic children’s playthings. These look as good littering the floor during a play session (and long after, because who cleans up?) as they do once they’re tucked neatly onto a shelf, waiting for grandkids. HINT, HINT.

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Here are the toys you’ll find in every Scandi nursery:

List Marker: Number 1Askare Posting Box

Classic, durable and leaving much to the imagination, the Posting Box by Finnish company Jukka Toys is a perfect example of timeless fun. The natural polished wooden cube has a hinged lid with five holes in which various shaped blocks can be fitted, making it a tactile experience as children learn to recognise shapes.



List Marker: Number 2Pull-Along Dachshund

Creating dog-lovers since 1958, this adorable little dog wags its tail as you take it for a walk. There’s even a mini-version for smaller kids.



List Marker: Number 3Jukka Toys Bell Wheel Rattle

Well-designed rattle that makes a lovely ding-sound with its bell, rather than a squeak or screech, like so many other toys these days (sorry, this is veering into “you kids get off my lawn!” territory). Juke also makes classics like the Disc Game and Hakka – Hammer Toy.



List Marker: Number 4Lego Blocks

Can’t have a list of Scandinavian toys without Lego! There are tons of options available now, from Star Wars to Architecture, but the classic blocks will always have our hearts. So fun for people of all ages!



List Marker: Number 5Elephant Puzzle

Introduced to the Georg Jensen collection in 1987, inspired by the work of Jørgen Møller, this simple but beautiful Elephant puzzle is a great way for kids to work on spacial recognition and begin learning about animals and body parts.



List Marker: Number 6Alphabet Blocks

These are similar to Lego in that you can make whatever you like, but very different in both feel and visual profile. Minimalist wood pieces designed in the 1950s that fit into a sliding-door wooden box make for lots of fun arranging into letters; this is great for kids learning about the alphabet!


Recommendations provided by Signe Kassow of Maammo

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