Six Copenhagen Fashion Blogs, Volume 1

Happy Copenhagen Fashion Week, everyone! Scandinavia Standard HQ is a flurry of activity as we’re getting ready for shows, events, and the general sleeplessness that accompanies any fashion week. And we’re only Press, so I don’t even know what people in the industry go through. I imagine it to be like a champagne-fueled, trance-music soundtracked rave where everyone is dressed in leather pasties and high heels. That sounds right, yeah?

If you don’t know much about the fashion scene in Copenhagen, here’s a starter list of blogs that we read to keep up-to date with the Joneses (Jensens?):


1Emilie Delance, Delance Fashion

A woman of many talents, Emilie Delance’s blog Delance Fashion focuses on varied aspects of a hardworking and glamorous lifestyle. In addition to her blog, Delance runs Delance Fashion Community DK, is a musician, and is the Branch Manager for e.l.f. Cosmetics in Denmark. Who knows how she finds the time to do it all; it’s just fun to read along.

From DelanceFashion / Scandinavian Standard


2Stephanie and Ingrid, Anywho

Run by seriously fashionable women Stephanie and Ingrid (pictured below with blogger/model Veneda Budny), Anywho is a collection of what is new, cool, and interesting in European and North American fashion. One of the first Danish fashion blogs to break through, Anywho now includes several blogs under its banner and is a go-to for irreverent takes on fresh style.

Anywho / Scandinavian Standard


3Marie Hindkaer Wolthers, Blame it on Fashion

Even though BIOF’s blogger Marie Hindkaer Wolthers lives in London, her Danish-bred style shines through in her creative but classic ensembles. She’s also one of the creators of LUELLE Magazine.

Blame it on Fashion - Marie on Scandinavia Standard - copenhagen Fashion Bloggers - 2


4Mikael Colville-Andersen, Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Imagine The Satorialist on a bike. That’s Copenhagen Cycle Chic, the fashion blog for street-style in the cycle lane. It has spawned many clones, all of which are interesting for displaying the way people in various cities ride their bikes.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic on Scandinavia Standard Copenhagen Fashion Bloggers-2 / Scandinavian Standard


5Pernille Tisbaek, Look de Pernille

Pernille Tisbaek’s Look de Pernille is probably the most-read Danish fashion blog. Writing in English and Danish, Pernille encapsulates Danish style (and blonde beauty). A former model, Pernille has the chops to back up her success, having worked as Fashion Director at both WOMAN and ALT for Damerne magazines. The focus here is on her photos and styling, both of which she does to perfection.

Look De Pernille on Scandinavia Standard Copenhagen Fashion Bloggers-2


6Søren Jepsen, The Locals

Originally Copenhagen Street Style, The Locals is still mostly focused on Copenhagen, although photographer Søren Jepsen occasionally documents his travels elsewhere. He’s inspired by both high fashion and what everyday people are wearing; it’s a nice mix of styles and the photos are always gorgeous.

The Locals Soren Jepsen on Scandinavia Standard Copenhagen Fashion Bloggers / Scandinavian Standard


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