Six Magazines We Love

Publishing a print magazine is no easy task and, as we rely more on digital media, the number of people who are willing to take on the financial risk of producing an independent magazine are getting fewer and fewer. Happily, there are still those out there who are creating beautiful, interesting content for those of us for who find no greater joy than in cracking the binding on a new-off-the-press magazine and taking a whiff of that paper-meets-ink smell. Here are the magazines we can’t wait to find in the post box:



With a focus on slow-living, Kinfolk has become more than just a magazine. It’s a way of life that readers look to for inspiration. Based out of Portland, Oregon in the United States, Kinfolk is constantly expanding their reach with topics that span the globe. The photos are always calm and poetic; the feel of the magazine itself is substantial in size yet surprisingly light to carry, with minimalist yet dynamic cover images. In addition to the magazine, there’s Ouur, a lifestyle and clothing studio, the Kinfolk Table, a cookbook, and regular Kinfolk Gatherings. It’s an aesthetic that so popular, it’s spun off many magazines similar to Kinfolk. We can’t wait to see where they go next!

1. Kinfolk SCANDI SIX - Magazines We Love | Scandinavia Standard


Oak the Nordic Journal

Given that this a magazine dedicated entirely to showcasing people and brands living in Scandinavia, it’s little wonder that we took to it so quickly. Icily-colored, matte photographs and articles ranging from topics like internationally-known chefs to the next generation of interior designers to life on obscure Danish islands, there’s something for Scandis and Scandi-philes alike.

Oak The Nordic Journal SCANDI SIX - Magazines We Love | Scandinavia Standard


Darling Magazine

Employing personas (the hostess, the explorer) rather than categories or genres, Darling’s tagline is “the art of being a woman.” They cover everything from fashion to interior design to travel in both their print and online editions. On top of a beautiful, feminine aesthetic and well-written content, Darling is partnered with International Justice Mission and donate a portion of all proceeds to fighting sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic.

3. Darling Magazine  SCANDI SIX - Magazines We Love | Scandinavia Standard

3a. Darling


Gather Journal

One of the goals of Gather Journal founders Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo was to create a recipe magazine that you would keep on your shelf and refer back over the years. It’s a lovely message of timelessness and gives you a sense of what Gather is all about. The recipes, tips and, of course, photos, are all worth hanging on to for continued culinary inspiration.

4. Gather SCANDI SIX - Magazines We Love | Scandinavia Standard



A true fashion magazine that still has edgy, artistic editorials as well as well-written articles exploring the many faces of the industry. The fact that it’s an English-language Danish publication means you get the Scandi aesthetic with global appeal. Given how busy co Editors-in-Chief Uffe Buchard & Kim Grenaa both are, and how few people actually work on this (I’ve been told anywhere between five and ten people), Dansk should amaze us all with its very existence. This bi-annual magazine is hefty, and we like it that way.

5. Dansk SCANDI SIX - Magazines We Love | Scandinavia Standard


The Gentlewoman

I’ve heard about the community events that The Gentlewoman puts on in their home-base of Soho, London, and they sound delightful. How can you not love a magazine that is dedicated to celebrating women in all their diversity? There’s no lack of either style or substance here; and those covers? Gorgeous.

6. The Gentlewoman  SCANDI SIX - Magazines We Love | Scandinavia Standard


Honorable mentions

It’s only a list of six (damn you, self-created Scandi Six format!) but there are so many magazines we love. Here are a few more to read with your Sunday coffee:

Where to Buy Magazines in Copenhagen - Thiemers Magasin Vesterbro | Scandinavia Standard


Where to buy in Copenhagen

For larger collections of independent magazines visit:

  • Thiemers Magasin – The Gentlewoman, Kinfolk, Cereal, Fantastic Man. There’s also a large selection of books in English, and an ultra-hyggeligt atmosphere. Tullinsgade 24, 1618 København V – see header image
  • Storm Copenhagen – Dansk, Gather, Kinfolk, Fantastic Man, and coffee table books galore! Store Regnegade 1, 1110 København K
  • Kihoskh – Fantastic Man, Gentlewoman, and a large selection of eco-groceries. You can read you magazines on sun chairs in the summer. Sønder Boulevard 53, 1720 København V

If you’re interested in international fashion magazines in English, check out:

  • Magasin – Magazines in the basement.
  • Illum – Irma Bladkiosk in the basement.
  • Sankt Annæ Kiosk – International and local newspapers and magazines. Store Kongensgade 40, København K
  • Did we miss your favorite magazine? Are you a sucker for Vogue and nothing else? Tell us about it in the comments!