Scandi Six: Music Festival Essentials

All we really need during music festival season is an extra million dollars (why are hamburgers in cardboard boxes so expensive?!), an occasional shower and that last beer. But if you like maintaining your blood-sugar levels and not getting second-degree sun burns, your majesty, we have a few items that will help you out.


List Marker: Number 1Sun protection

Not to sound like a dermatologist/NASA scientist, but the sun can be dangerous. This is especially true when you’re spending many hours outside with little cover. For Captain-Planet levels of sun protection, we like to double – and even triple – up on sun blockage methods.

Chips & Salsa Sunglasses by Kaibosh, 750 DKK
Kaibosh Chips and Salsa Sunglasses - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard

Sun Body Oil SPF 30 by Rudolph Care, 295 DKK
Rudolph Care Sun Body Oil - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard

Wide Brim Straw Hat by &Other Stories, 195 DKK
Wide Brim Straw Hat - And Other Stories- Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard

Le Fix Pin Strip Sports Mesh Cap, 300 DKK
Le Fix Cap - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard

Please note: NO BUCKET HATS. Sorry. Just, no.


List Marker: Number 2Hydration

Stay hydrated out there, you guys! When you’re drinking beers and dancing like a maniac it’s a good idea to occasionally swig some of the good clear stuff (water. Water!). Keep your skin hydrated too; an easy way to do it is with a moisturising spray like rose water. Bonus: you’ll smell great!

Drinking Bottle by Eva Solo, 170 DKK
Eva Solo Drinking Bottle - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard

Travel-sized Rosey Mist Refreshing Rose Water by Josie Maran, 35 DKK


List Marker: Number 3Tech

Most festivals areas have pretty shoddy network service, if any, but you still probably want to use your phone to snap pictures, take videos and play Candy Crush on the toilet. So make sure it doesn’t die! A pocket charger is a great thing to have in general and even more useful at an all-day event like a festival. Some festivals, like Roskilde, have their own apps that include maps, performance schedules and service centres. Download before you go to be ultra-organized.

Portable External Battery by Aukey, 70 DKK
Aukey Portable Battery iPhone - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 4Hunger Pangs

Good food usually isn’t lacking at festivals. But it’s often expensive and because of music schedules, when you actually get to eat is inconsistent. So keep your energy-level high and your following-day hangover level low with some nutritious snacks that are easy to shove in the bottom of your bag.

Goji Cacao Protein Bar by Raw Snacks, 17 DKK
Goji Cacao Protein Bar - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 5Look Fly, Feel Fly

You may not have the inclination to touch-up your lipstick or cat-eye during the long festivals days (and if you do, we salute your commitment!), but you probably still want to feel presentable. We’re fans of dry shampoo, which makes it easy to skip a day or two or three of hair washing, plus gives you volume and makes styles like braiding easier. Anti-chip top coats for your nail polish mean you don’t have to worry about touch-ups for about a week: win! Then, of course, there’s wipes, which keep you fresh nose to tail. The wipes have the added benefit of cleaning your face full of pee-dust. That’s a real thing, by the way.

Church & Dwight On the Go Dry Shampoo by Batiste, 20 DKK

Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat by Sally Hansen, 50 DKK
Sally Hansen Top Coat - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard

Makeup Remover Wipes by Neutral, 50 DKK
Neutral Makeup Remover Wipes - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 6Extra Baggage

Music festival fashion is all about functionality (except for you Coachella; we’re not talking about you, okay?) and that goes for your bag too. Choose something that you’re comfortable carrying all day – preferably a bag that distributes weight evenly so that your shoulders and back won’t be sore by lunch. We recommend a bum bag (also known as a fanny pack) or a backpack.

Bum Bag by Yvonne Kone, 1800 DKK
Yvonne Kone Bum Bag - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard

Kånken Backpack by Fjallraven, 525 DKK
Kanken by Fjallraven - Music Festival Essentials | Scandinavia Standard

Did we miss your #1 festival essential? Is it a joint? Whatever it is, tell us about it the comments!

Header image credit: Anders Retsloff Pedersen

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