Six Whacky Events at Copenhagen Culture Night 2014

You know how people like to go to festivals and do normal things like eat fried food or ride a ferris wheel? Those people are nice, I guess, and I’ve even been one of them on various occasions. I can normal around town with the best of them. But Copenhagen Culture Night, or Kulturnatten, takes places on 10 October and isn’t really prime time to lower the freak flag. Let it fly, people! Here’s our list of the whackiest shit to do, no matter where you are in the city.


List Marker: Number 1Be a Lifeguard for a Night, Østerbro

The title of this event makes me laugh. What a hilariously obscure thing to do for a night. Being a lifeguard is hard work and I’ve never really wanted to learn how to be one, but this is Culture Night! Time to take a walk on the wild side. Maybe they’ll teach you CPR and you’ll meet someone cute.

Cultural Night - Be a Lifeguard for a Night | Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 2Midnight Bathing in Sjællandsgade Bad, Nørrebro

Ever felt like taking a bath at midnight in a public place? Me neither, but this actually sounds pretty fun. There’s steaming baths (a seriously luxury in Copenhagen), fresh fruit and candles. I bet it’ll smell like potpourri.


List Marker: Number 3Human Towers, Nord Vest

This is what it sounds like. It is towers. Of humans. On top of each other. Go see it.

Cultural Night - Human Towers Castells v. Xiquets CPH
Photo credit: Smuk


List Marker: Number 4Drive a Mars Robot, Vesterbro

I’m gonna just nerd out on this one: DRIVING MARS ROBOTS!!! It’s a simulation, yes, but simulations don’t get much cooler than this.

Cultural Night - Drive a Mars Robot | Scandinavia Standard


List Marker: Number 5A Chair Workshop, Indre By

This might be the most Danish thing to ever Danish. Not only are you going to learn about chairs at the Design Museum, you get to make a tiny replica with toothpicks or something. If you don’t find this appealing then I feel sorry for you and you are reading the wrong website.


List Marker: Number 6A Look Behind the Scenes at the Ministry of Taxation, Indre By

Do I really need to explain this? It sounds totally boring, except that somehow since it’s part of Culture Night it sounds kind of amazing. The people at the Ministry of Taxation probably know how to get down. Expert tip: bring a flask.

Cultural Night - Ministry of Taxation | Scandinavia Standard


Is there a totally ridiculous event going on in your neighborhood? Did we miss something too cool for school? Let us know about it in the comments!

See the full programme here.

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Featured photo credit: Sisse Stroyer

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