Scandi Stays: 11 Howard Hotel in New York City

Opened in April 2016, 11 Howard combines minimalism, outstanding art, classic Scandinavian design, and innovative spaces for a unique hotel that is equal part luxury and boutique.

Designed by Anna Andrei in collaboration with Space Copenhagen, the hotel was created to look better year after year, with solid wood furniture and soft leather that will only improve with age. The lobby eschews a traditional reception desk in favor of an open, round table and a simple tablet check-in. There’s a sitting area framed by pleated pillars, a thick curtain, and benches that almost look like a rock garden. An Alexander Calder piece hands overhead – it’s truly worth going inside to see, even if you’re just passing by. The overall affect is of an large, calm space that could be the entrance of a spa rather than a hotel.

One flight up from the lobby, you’ll find “The Library,” an impeccably-designed reading and relaxing space where you can have food, drinks, or work during the day. The hotel rooms are cosy, with a muted color palette. You may notice a distinct smell wafting through the lobby and halls; that’s a fragrance designed by Copenhagen and NYC-based Studios Oliver Gustav. It’s only available in the Studio Oliver Gustav showroom and store located directly next door to the hotel.

In addition to the hotel space, there’s The Blond, a cocktail bar and lounge that’s laid-back and glamorous in the early evening, and turns into a bouncing disco later in the night (literally, disco balls start spinning). The connected restaurant, Le Cou Cou, serves French cuisine, from breakfast to dinner, in a sophisticated setting.

Expert tip: every Saturday from 6 – 7 pm, the hotel hosts a free wine tasting that is open to the public. Gather a few friends and go sip some delicious wines in a stunning, elegant space.

Take a tour of the incredibly cool 11 Howard Hotel in New York City:


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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.