Scandi Stays: AthensWas Hotel in Athens, Greece

From the outside, you might miss AthensWas Hotel; it looks like a block of apartment buildings. The hotel is part of a long but charming strip of commercial storefronts and restaurants right next to the Acropolis, and a few minutes’ walk from the Acropolis Museum. But one step inside and you know you’re somewhere special. The small, minimalist lobby is framed by a beautifully-patterned floor, which walks you straight back to the hotel restaurant. It’s there that you’ll have one of the best breakfasts in Athens: delicious Greek yoghurt dripping with honey and walnuts, stacked pancakes and piping hot coffee.



This well-designed boutique hotel is in the heart of Athens, right in the middle the “old city,” the neighborhood known as Plaka. Though the hotel isn’t large, the rooms are spacious and have balconies; perfect for a sunset drink. Greek marble and walnut are found throughout the hotel, as well as references to Greek history and culture. AthensWas is a hotel that will enhance your experience of the city with its great location, and playful yet sophisticated interior.

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