Scandi Stays: Memmo Baleeira Hotel in Sagres, Portugal

In the charming, sleepy Algarve coastal town of Sagres, Portugal, you’ll find the minimalist, elegant Memmo Baleeira hotel. Situated only minutes from the beach, with stunning views overlooking both the Martinhal Bay or a leafy garden, the hotel is both simple and luxurious.

Built in 1962, with a major renovation in 2007, Memmo Baleeira is both contemporary and timeless. It is now owned by Portuguese hotelier and surfer Rodrigo Machaz, who has brought a sense of sophistication, while making sure there are surf lessons available for people of all levels – just ask at the front desk. This area offers some of the best surfing in Europe.

The bright white color palette allows the water and landscape to take center stage. The wall-to-ceiling windows in the rooms fill the space with light and, at sunset, an incredible gradient of pastel hues.

Furniture throughout is high quality but not pretentious, inviting you to enjoy both private and common areas. The minimalism of the hotel is not meant to make you focus on the design as such; it’s really about stripping away anything that might distract from the scenery.

The spa, restaurant, lounge, and pools all offer excellent service in beautiful settings. The hotel sits right on the edge of Sagres, so it’s easy to walk into the town and enjoy the local restaurants, bars, nightlife, and harbor. Sagres is the most south-westerly town in Europe, and though it’s quiet, there is easy access to the rest of the Algarve coast. Memmo Baleeira is a special hotel that understands the magic of its own home and seeks to offer that magic to all who stay with them.

Take a look at the gorgeous Memmo Baleeira hotel in Sagres, Portugal, on the Algarve coast:

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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.