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Seasonal Spoonful: Autumn Æblekage

There’s lots of reasons to love Denmark, but if Creative Director Freya had to choose one, it would likely be æblekage (that’s apple cake, for the uninitiated). Autumnal, tasty, and a perfect mixture of textures, this old-fashioned Danish treat is the perfect thing to serve at the end of a warm meal as the weather gets colder.

One of our favorite baking blogs in Denmark, Copenhagencakes, has an easy and delicious recipe for you, which we’ve translated (and yes, tasted. A few times…) for your baking pleasure.

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Seasonal Spoonful - Apples by Copenhagencakes

Old fashioned æblekage

Ingredients for apple sauce

1 kilo apples
2 cups water
70 grams sugar
Scrape insides from 1 vanilla pod

What to do

Peel the apples, remove cores and cut into cubes.
Toss apple cubes and water into large pot . Bring to the boil until the apples are just tender, then add sugar and vanilla.
Stir on medium heat until you are satisfied with the consistency.

Ingredients for crumble

100 grams breadcrumbs (rasp)
50 grams almond slivers
75 grams butter
75 grams sugar

What to do

Mix the breadcrumbs, almonds and sugar. Fry in the butter, then pour onto wax paper to cool.

To put together the æblekage, add alternating layers of whipped cream (we recommend homemade!), crumble and apple sauce. Serve cold and enjoy!

Seasonal Spoonful -  Autumn Oldfashioned Æblekage (Apple Cake) by Copenhagencakes

Photos by Cecilia Fahlström from COPENHAGENCAKES.


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