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All industries have their traditions and norms, and the furniture industry is no different. CEO of COMMON SEATING Uffe Jordan explains, “today the sofa industry has two poles: either you can get low-quality sofas or you can get high-end, really expensive sofas. We believe that there is an in-between. We want to offer really good quality sofas with a high design profile at affordable prices.”

To that end, COMMON SEATING has decided to work with small-scale production and high-level collaborators, while maintaining a direct-to-consumer website as their only retail option. They also have a Copenhagen-based showroom. They’ve already launched four sofas with more in the pipeline.

“COMMON SEATING calls on traditional Danish design in terms of respect for quality materials and breathtaking details. Where we see the next wave for Scandinavian design is in making in accessible and also sustainable. That is we don’t produce more that what is needed, and use sustainable materials such as recycled wool and recycled polyester in our sofas,” Jordan explains. “We are committed to actively taking responsibility for what we take from our planet and what we give in return.



The sofas themselves, each made in collaboration with a different designer or brand, are not what you’d expect from a young furniture company coming out of Denmark. The designs are playful and vasty distinct from one another. The pieces serve multiple needs and styles.

The Chris L. Halstrøm “Interlude” daybed is minimalist and refined, while the “Flowered” sofa by Danish fashion brand Baum und Pferdgarten is plush and dripping with old world glamour. “The Mooner” by Studio David Thulstrup draws from traditional mid-century modern and Bauhaus silhouettes for a sofa that is both strongly geometric and extremely comfortable (the armrests were made with napping in mind!).

These are sofas that are made to fit your daily life and will last for years to come. “We’re about designing for the sake of people. You don’t buy love, you give it. Chairs should be knocked around, tables sat upon, and couches slept on. It’s what happens in real life. It’s your life that enriches the furniture and not the other way around.” Jordan says.



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Rebecca Thandi Norman

Rebecca Thandi Norman is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at Scandinavia Standard.